A relaxing evening with a friend ðŸ˜Š

I had a really nice time with my friend tonight. It is extremely nice to get away from home a few hours 😅, I love my kids but getting a few hours without them can be very relaxing.

We went to my favourite café and enjoyed some delicious treats and, of course, talk a lot about lots of exciting things 😋.

After we had talked for two hours we decided to go for a walk. 😊 It was really lovely outside, a refreshing breeze and not as hot as it has been the entire day. We talked, laughed and had a really nice time together. I love evenings like these, absolutely perfect.


Take a break from all that you are

Take a break from who you are and who you have been. Take a break from all the complaining, and all the criticism. Take a break from pointing out flaws in others, and take a break from disliking yourself.

Take a break. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. Breathe out all the old ways and breathe in new, fresh, positive, loving perspecives.

Give yourself a break – you have been doing the best you could. Allow yourself the ease of making peace with it all and start fresh and new in this moment. ❤

Take a break and see the world with fresh new eyes

Turn everything off for a moment

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