Our last day of our summer vacation 🌧☀️

This is our last day of our summer vacation. These 7 weeks have been amazing.

We also took time to play on our old Wii.


Pancakes and an early morning outside

We are home together this week too. Woke up at 05.30am when my boyfriend was making himself ready to go to work. I and my baby boy made pancakes together before my baby girl woke up.

Then we went outside to play, and I took some time to workout as well. It was 25 degrees outside already (8am) and very sunny and sweaty. 😅

Then I hid some strawberries in the bushes again 😅🍓🍓🍓, my babies love this game.

It is going to be a very hot day. I think we will be outside and play a lot but we will also go down to the basement every now and then to relax and cool ourselves. Enjoy your day.

A rainy afternoon 🌧🌧🌧

We have jumped in lots of puddles this afternoon.

And my baby boy loves snails so we took some time to say hi to a few snails.

Then we relaxed a lot while the rain poured down outside.

And when it cleared up again we picked some more snails, which we let go back into the bushes of course.

⛈ Thunder and rain ⛈ the best day ever

Today is a wonderful day. It is a lot cooler outside, around 25 degrees and it was very cloudy during the morning. We were outside playing and it looked like rain and thunder were approaching by the look of the sky. So we went inside and only a few minutes after that it started to rain. Then thunder and lightening 😍.

Right now we are relaxing in the basement with some peppa pig on the TV while we listen to the rain and thunder outside. In a few minutes we will go back up and make a mud cake together. Best day ever.

The hottest day this summer ☀️☀️☀️

Today has been one of the hottest days this summer – 33 degrees celcius! This is insanely hot for Sweden. We enjoyed playing outside and eating lots of ice cream.

I even wore my bikini for a couple of hours 😅, but I got really red sun burn on my tummy and legs.

My boyfriend has gone to another town to visit a friend, he will be gone until tomorrow so I REALLY look forward to tonight when my babies are sleeping peacefully and I can enjoy some delicious me-time. Beautiful! 💖

I hope your day as been great too.

Early morning pilates

Last night there was a magnificent thunderstorm with lots of rain, it was so cozy to lay in bed and listen to the rain. It only lasted a couple of minutes but it was so benefical for the trees, grass, bushes,and flowers to get some rain…. and for me 😂, I always feel really good when it rains.

It is going to be another awesome day. We began with an early breakfast together and then we went outside to play. I actually took some time to workout outside while my babies played.

I wish you an awesome day as well. 💖

Another day in Varberg ☀️🌊

My baby girl woke up early as usual, 5.30am. After breakfast we decided to go out to the play ground.

And after that we went to a small harbor village called Träslövsläge where I used to go to buy ice cream with my parents when I was a little baby girl.

Then we went back to the appartment to enjoy some lunch. After that it was time to go to the beach again ☀️🌊.

It has been a very hot day, 27 degrees even though it was cloudy. I just love being here, so close to the ocean. It would be a dream come true to move here one day.

I hope you have had a great day as well.

We are going to the west coast ☀️🌊

Today we are going on vacation, we are going to live in Varberg this week. ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️ It is a city just by the ocean. I have spent over 20 summers here so I really look forward to this. 🌊🌊🌊

We arrived three hours ago and the weather is magnificent, close to 30 degrees celcius and lots of sun. We are going to have an awesome time here with lots of fun on the beach.

A sunny day on Visingsö

This morning we went to Gränna to visit my brother and his family. We took our bikes and went down to the harbor. From there we took the boat to the island Visingsö.

We had an amazing day filled with lots of sun, laughter and play. My babies LOVED playing in the water. After this they were really tired and my baby boy fell asleep as we went back to the harbor.

Before we went back home we stopped in Huskvarna to eat at my favourite diner, Brooklyn Burger.

At 7pm I had put my babies to bed and as I went in to my bedroom I saw that my boyfriend had fallen asleep too 😂. They were all totally exhausted. I went down to the basement and did some yoga for half an hour and now I am just relaxing in the bed we have in the basement. It is so cold and nice down here, I think I will stay here for a couple of hours, just relaxing and listening to some music.

I hope you have had a nice day as well.

Summer vacation for one more month 💖

Today I have exactly one month left of my summer vacation. I intend to enjoy every moment with my babies. Today we made pancakes and played a lot together.

I hope you are having a nice day as well.

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