Practice the pause and find your strenght again πŸ’™

Sometimes all you need is a pause. A short moment when you pause your words and pause your thoughts. A moment to just breathe and relax mentally.

Just a moment of pausing can be enough to stop the negative momentum which will make it easier for you to start a more reliefgiving momentum.

Begin practicing the pause, several times every day. The more you practice the easier it will feel.


You will be more clear, more effective and of more value to those you interact with πŸ€

Remember to relax and rest through out your day. Not just phtsically but mentally. It is so easy to get caught up in the desires and wishes of those around you at work and at home or to let your own demands on yourself get too heavy.

Remeber to pause and find your balance again. Stress is not good for your mind or your body. It is not worth it. Just pause, breathe and relax mentally. Look at it from a more general perspective and prioritise.

You have to value yourself and how you feel first. If you feel good you will be more clear, more effective and you will be of more value to those you interact with as well so it is a win win situation.

Are you a grumpy old toad? Well, it is a choice – and you can choose differently!

Isnt it amazing that our thoughts have such power? What you choose to think affects your mood, your behaviour and the action you choose to participate in.

Even if you have been a grumpy old toad your entire life, you can still choose different thoughts now and as you continue to do so you can go from being the most negative person you know to the most loving, caring, sweet and positive person you know. It is all up to you. And it really, only is about the little daily choices you make, the choices of thoughts – and you can do something about that.

Never sacrify your own emotional balance to satisfy the external demands from others

Allow yourself some time to rest mentally, every day. Take a moment from time to time during your day to just breathe deeply, close your eyes, quiet your mind and remind yourself that how you feel matters more than anything.

It doesn’t matter what you have to do today – never sacrify your own emotional balance to satisfy the external demands from others. Keep yourself in balance first and foremost. Value yourself, value your emotions and listen with love to your body. Allow yourself some time to sit back, relax and find relief in your mind.

When you are at peace within you find your clairity and your focus. That is when you are open to all opportunities and all solutions.

Your perspective is so valuable

Whatever you do today, do it with a joyful heart. Never push yourself to do something that you don’t really want to do. If you have a choice, say β€œno thank you”, if you don’t have a choice, seek relief in your mind and make the best of it. It is of no value ever to push through in resentment, that is very detrimental to your body and to your emotional wellbeing.

However, if you can find relief about what ever it is you have to do before you do it, and you make the best of it – now you are on to something valuable! That is the key to success: to do the things you choose to do with a light and happy heart.

Peace, love and joy are not dependent on outer circumstances but it is all about your choice of perspective – and you can do something about that!

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