Give your mind and body some sweet relief today πŸŒ±πŸ™

Give yourself some mental and emotional relief today. Take time to close your eyes, quiet your mind and just breathe. A moment in this relaxed state will give your mind and body the gentle break it needs. Do it a few times through out your day. Just do it 10 seconds each time if it is the first time you practice quieting your mind. 10 seconds of quieting your mind is such a beautiful sweet relief for your mind and body, and so valuable. πŸ™


An insatiable longing for comfort

My lonely heart is burning painfully with an insatiable longing for comfort. Only you and your touch can calm my restless soul.

Solitude is as valuable to me as the very air I breathe

Solitude matters, and for some people it is the air they breathe.”

– Susan Cane

I feel the best when I am alone. I value my alone time so much, it feels like my entire being finds peace in those moments. Solitude is as valuable to me as the very air I breathe. Without it I would perish. I am hardly ever alone so when I get a few moments of being completely alone – I really enjoy it.

At work I am surrounded by my students and my co-workers at all times and at home I am surrounded by my two little babies and my boyfriend at all times πŸ˜‚. I love my job and I love my two little babies but I love my alone time just as much.

It is important to make time for things that replenishes your energy, daily. It doesn’t have to be big things, little things can be just as valuable. And we are all unique, and we all like different things so listen to your body and seek that which replenishes your energy.

Stress and any other negative emotions are wonderful reminders πŸ™

A gentle reminder for today: go slower and breathe more deeply. Stop a few times every now and then to just close your eyes, put your hand on your chest and feel how strong and peaceful your heart beats.

Relax. Stop making such a big hairy deal out of everything. So, people gossip about you? Let them. So, your body is sick and you feel confined by it? Make peace with it. Make peace with where ever you are, no matter how seemingly “bad” it is. Just make peace with what ever it is you have to deal with, breathe more intentionally and allow yourself to go slower.

Stress and any other negative emotion is a wonderful reminder to you that you have forgotten what truly matters in life. What truly matters is not the money, not your work, not your schedule, not your face, not your body’s, condition… Not any of those things you worry about matter more than how you feel. And how you feel has to be unconditional. You can choose to feel fearful or hopeful relative to the situation you are faced with, and when you choose a more light-hearted hopeful perspective – you have figured out how to let the situation improve.

Don’t bend over backwards to please them – there is a better way

When you care so much about others that you bend over backwards in order to please them, you will eventually break down.

You cannot put your own wellbeing aside and just focus on keeping those around you satisfied. It will backfire.

If you already have broken down – how do you sooth yourself back into feeling better again? One of the first things to do is to stop the negative spiral – stop saying yes when your inner guidance says no. Dare to say no and respect yourself enough to set boundaries. Listen to your body, if it is tired – make time to rest. If you feel stressed out at work, go slower and face your challenges from the mindset that nothing matters more than how you feel. When you make how you feel your first priority, you will focus on your rest, your balance and what feels like relief to you first, and from that balanced state you will then deal with the challenges and people that come to you.

Not only will you feel better once you begin to practice this, you will also be of most value to those around you as well. A win, win situation.

Give yourself time to listen to the soothing stillness within

On the days when you feel exhausted, give yourself a lot of time to rest mentally. Perhaps you have a lot to do and it is not possible for you to lay down and rest at all during your day, but you can always give yourself a moment here and there where you rest mentally. That is just as beneficial.

Take a moment to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and listen to the soothing stillness within. Stay in this comforting place of ease for a minute or two and allow your body to relax. Then, gently open your eyes, smile and thank your body for this relaxing moment.

As you move on with your day do so with the intention of being extra kind, loving and gentle with yourself.

Practice saying no with a light heart πŸ™

Be kinder to yourself, you are doing the best you can. You have to listen to your heart and give yourself enough time each day to breathe and find your inner balance. Let it take time. Learn to say no and practice saying no with a light heart.

You are the most important person in your life – how you feel should matter more than anything. Of course you want to be of value and help others, but you have to take care of yourself first.

Let them make their own mistakes -let them learn and grow in their own pace

When you judge and condemn others, you have pain within yourself – forgive yourself. Make peace with your mistakes and set yourself free.

Choose to give others the freedom to choose for themselves, the freedom to make their own mistakes, to learn and to grow in their own pace. There is no rush. There is always time. Relax.

Hide away from the world for a while – reset, recharge and refocus πŸŒ±

It is ok to hide away from the world for a while, to back away from all the noice and allow your mind and body some rest.

You don’t have to explain or justify, just allow yourself the time you need to reset, refocus and recharge. If they were not by your side when life was beating you up, they could not possibly understand how tired you are on the inside. Listen with love to your body’s messages, allow yourself the time you need to rest. One step at a time. 🌱

Your tears tell you something important β€

When you feel sad and broken, when everything seems meaningless… close your eyes, take a deep breath and mentally take a huge step back away from everything.

It is ok to feel sad, it is ok to break down and cry. You don’t have to pretend like everything is fine when you feel broken inside. Allow yourself to feel sad. Be extra kind to yourself from now on. This is your life and you are the one you have to take care the most – you should be on the top of your list of priorities.

❀ If you feel sad, you have had your priorities in the wrong order, and you can do something about that. ❀

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