Every breath I take breathes new life into my body 🙏

Today is a wonderful day. It is Saturday and it is raining outside – my favourite weather. Life is beginning to feel good again and I can feel how every breath I take breathes new life into my body. It feels like the long cold frozen winter is finally beginning to melt away and a beautiful spring is taking its place.


Endless tears have silenced my voice and shattered my heart

The storm came and broke my delicate branches

Endless tears have silenced my voice and shattered my heart

The cold and hearless winter kept me frozen inside

however, spring will eventually come and new, stronger branches will emerge

Make peace with it and set yourself free

No matter what he did to you, no matter how much he hurt you – hating him for what he did to you will only intensify your own suffering.

Once you begin to find it in your heart to forgive him – even though he is not even sorry for what he did – you have begun to let go of the pain.

You don’t need to understand why he hurt you, you don’t need his apology. YOU can choose to forgive him unconditionally, YOU can choose to make peace with it and YOU can choose to move on.

He temporarily dimmed your light, but your light burns from within – choose to love yourself through this and soon you will feel your light burn stronger than ever before. One small step at a time. Even after a long, cold winter the beautiful spring flowers still choose to bloom again.

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