You’re hot, then you’re cold – fuck you life

The first half of the day was really cold, I had to wear my autumn pants and a long sleeved top at work. But when I got home the weather had become a little warmer so I chose a shorter top for the afternoon.

The weather has been really weird the last couple of days. It has been super cold – almost like autumn. And today it was very bi-polar like 😂. Cold, then hot … then cold, then hot again… kind of like my mood lately. A lot of things have happened and are happening around me and I have not yet found my emotional stability.

Sometimes I just want to give up, say fuck you to life and run away. Just thinking that thought brings me a little relief. Fuck you life. Fuck you work. Fuck you new assignments. Fuck you annoying person at the day care center. Fuck you.

Yes indeed, it does feel better. I guess can stay in this general negative place for a while before I reach for more relief in more positive, general thoughts.


Become one with nature 🌱

What you dream about is what you will get? Then what about nightmares!?

Don’t worry. Yes, your dreams reflect the mood you have been predominantly entertaining with your thoughts and your focus during the days. However, it doesn’t mean you have to attract those specific things you dreamt about – it is only guidance letting you know what your most common way of thinking matches right now. Since it is only guidance you can do something about it! 

If you wake up from a nightmare then acknowledge how you FELT during the dream and sooth yourself into feeling some relief. Then acknowledge that it is guidance letting you know that you have been choosing thoughts and words during your days that are not benefical for you in the long run. Then begin paying attention to what you say and think during your day and when you notice even slightly negative perspectives in yout focus – gently sooth those thoughts into slightly better feeling ones. Just one small adjustment will net you wonderful results!

It is not the big awful thoughts you think once a month that makes the biggest impact on your life – it is the little DAILY thoughts that affect you the most

Gently listen to what you say and think, and shift those thoughts toward a little relief. You can even stop yourself in the middle of a negative comment, and begin again in a more positive way. Thank your guidance for letting you know it will benefit you to sooth yourself into relief.

Visualize for the pleasure it gives you

Find a place in your imagination where you can rest mentally. Let it be a beautiful, relaxing situation with your favourite aspects of nature. Perhaps you enjoy a sunny, relaxing day at the beach… feel the warm sensation on your skin, feel the sand under your feet, hear the gentle waves from the ocean… stay with this soothing gentle scenario for a while and let it fuel you with good feeling energy.

Play this game a few times every day. It is especially valuable before you go to sleep. It is kind of like pushing a reset button on your energy and it will raise your point of attraction.

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