Love your figure – but your figure is not the reason for your love! ❤

Whatever your body shape, size and weight might be – practice loving yourself unconditionally. You are more than your body – you are endless and eternal.

The body you have been given this lifetime is your treasure. It is the body that has been your home since you were born and will be until you die – treat it with loving care. ❤

I celebrate my body. I celebrate my curves and edges. I have learned to love myself, my body and my personality, unconditionally. Was it easy? No! Has the love you feel or not feel for yourself to do with your body shape, size and weight? No! I hated myself the first 24 years of my life. I absolutely loathed myself – all aspects of myself. I had the same body shape, size and weight then as I do now.

It is not my body that makes me feel this way or that way – it is the thoughts and the perspectives I choose to view life from.


Good food – bad food

There is no right or wrong way of eating. Only you can decide what works best for you. Your desires and beliefs regarding food affects the choices you make and what type of food you are called to. Your beliefs, desires and expectations affect the results you get.

There are people who are eating what ever they desire, who have the body, shape and figure they desire as well. 

There are people who are limiting their intake of food or are choosing to eat only vegan or only low carb… who are overweight. 

What food you eat is not the important factor in the results – what you believe, desire and expect is what matters most!

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