The best part about this day ❤

I have had a great day at work. I have the best co-workers and the best students ever. I love them all. ❤ And of course, I have the best boss ever!

The days at work pass so quickly because it is so much fun to spend time with my students. I love working as a teacher. 🌹

But the absolute best part of this day was coming home to my two little babies. ❤

  • What was the best part about your day?

My everything 💖💖

Even when my babies are sleeping I am still thinking about how much I love them. 💖💖


A perfect morning 💖

I felt so good when I woke up this morning – my fever was completely gone and my throat felt so much better.

We had a cozy morning together, a delicious breakfast and then we sang together in the bathroom 💖

A perfect morning! 💖💖💖 And to top it off, my boyfriend just called and he was feeling so much better as well. All the medication he had been given at the hospital yesterday has finally helped his body regain its balance and they will probably let him go home today. 😄


A cozy moment ❤❤

Best start of the weekend ❤❤


Life is better when you are smiling ❤

We have had an awesome weekend ❤

I love my two little angels so much ❤❤

Always close to me ❤


My ❤❤

I love my two little babies more and more each second. ❤❤


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