My spring jacket and more delicious food ☉

This is the first day this year that I wear my spring jacket. Feels awesome! 15 degrees celcius and a bit cloudy. Perfect weather to go shopping 😊

We had a lot of fun in Jönköping, lots of shopping, playing and just having a good time. After we went back home we had some fries at my favourite diner again. 😍

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Best afternoon/evening ever ❤

I have had the best afternoon/evening ever! First I did a lot of shopping – a lot!

Lots of new beautiful clothes. I think I bought 6 new dresses and somewhere around 10-15 new tops. 😍

Then I met my friend and we went to my favourite diner.

And after that we went to the cinema to see “Red Sparrow”.

Perfect evening. ❤❤❤

A cozy day

We went out for a couple of hours this afternoon. I tried on some new clothes at H&M and I bought a few things at Body Shop as well.

Then we went to see some friends and the kids had a lot of fun there.

Now we are on our way home again and my little baby boy fell asleep only a few minutes after we started the car. ❤ A relaxing day together. 

One of the new dresses I bought today:

And of course something new for my baby girl as well

Awesome perspective on money 

Looking forward to Saturday ❤

I am going to the cinema on Saturday with a friend. We will have such a fun night! 

Of course we will eat delicious food before the movie, most likely at my favourite diner, Brooklyn Burger.

And possibly do some shopping 😍 I already look forward to Saturday.

An awesome day 

Today I had a day off from work so we went shopping and had a delicious lunch at my favourite diner

Here is one of the tops I bought

Even though I had an awesome time, the best part was coming home to my two little babies again. ❤❤

Had an awesome weekend with a friend ❤

We ate delicious food

Did a lot of shopping

And a lot of relaxing. But I miss my two babies so much – and I am even happier to be on my way home to them right now. ❤

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