New dresses 😍 – ready for next Saturday

Today I bought two new dresses

This white beauty and the leopard one I checked out a couple of weeks ago – they both came home with me today 😍.

I am bringing both of them with me next Saturday when I am going away for the night. ❤❤❤ I will fill you in later ❤❤❤.

I hope you have had a great weekend.


Your smile, your eyes… you are always on my mind

My most passionate, intense and insatiable desire

I have never had such a strong, intense, passionate and insatiable desire for anything like I have for you… it is completely illogical, impractical and utterly unreasonable… and yet the feeling I feel for you is the most delicious feeling I have ever felt in my entire life…

All I want is you… to be next to you… to see you looking at my body, adoring what you see…. to hear you say how much you desire me… to feel your craving hands and lips all over my body…

I want to run my fingers through your hair and be totally embraced by all that you are… completely

I crave you more and more with each breath I take ðŸ’–

Your eyes… your gaze upon my body … Your smile… your lips on my skin… Your hands… your touch on every inch of my body… I crave you more and more with each breath I take…

Just one look and my entire body aches for your touch ðŸ’–

I desire you so much… you are the only one on my mind during the days and the only one in my most satisfying dreams at night…

All other men might look good and be perfect in every way… but no one can make me feel this insatiable craving for more like you do… just a look in your eyes and my heart beats faster and my body aches for your touch.

Back to Nässjö ðŸ’–

Today we left Varberg and went back to Nässjö.

We have had four nice days in Varberg but it feels incredibly good to be back home again.

But before we got home we made a few stops in Jönköping. I went shopping for a few minutes and we were at an indoor playground.

We ended with buying some burgers and fries from Brooklyn Burger in Huskvarna before we finally went home.

The weather is really nice here too, sunny and very warm. Right now we are relaxing in the basement with some ice cream.

Enjoy your day. 🌹

Joy, passion, desire = how I feel about you

You kissed my mind, body and soul the second our eyes met ðŸ’–

The most beautiful curve on your body is your smile

Today was not a good day. I tried to make myself feel better in all ways I could think of but nothing worked. I changed clothes all the time but nothing made me feel better 😂. I ended up wearing this beautiful, sexy, green dress tonight. One of my favourite dresses.

Anyway, I wish for a better tomorrow. I hope you had a good day. ❤

The best lover â¤

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