Sexually abused, raped, bullied… can you ever feel good again? Of course!!!

My father was an alcoholic, I was sexually abused by several older boys when I was 6 years old, I was bullied in school, had reading and writing difficulties, got anorexia when I was around 8-9 years old, was raped by two guys when I was 17, ran away from home two weeks after that, was physically and mentally abused for almost two years by my boyfriend (when I was 17-19 years old) and had to go to trial twice before he ended up in jail, my parents died, I had an abortion and the man of my dreams cheated on me. 😂 need I go on?

I hated myself and life for almost 30 years before I began improving my thinking about me, about everyone that had ever hurt me and about life. I managed to turn my thinking around and today I feel nothing but appreciation for everyone that ever hurt me and everything that happened to me – because it all inspired me to become the woman I am today. Strong, free, happy, confident and empowered. If I can do it, anyone can.


The happiness and love you seek is within you ❤🌱

You don’t need anyone else to approve of you, you don’t need anyone else to support your choices and your paths in life. The approval and support you need, comes from within.

You don’t need to feel loved by others in order to feel loved – love is an inside job, it all starts with you. ❤

3 000 followers and 560 000 views 😍

I am so happy to see that so many people enjoy my blog. I want to thank you all for the love, appreciation and value you enrich my blog with.

This is my safe haven, where I share what is on my mind – where I share my story of how I transformed my life. This is where I want to reach out into the world with hope, love and inspiration. I wish everyone would find their own way into their freedom and empowerment, just like I did. 💖

When you want to save everyone around you – be a light-house

Just rest in the knowing that all is well. You don’t have to have all the answers. It is enough that you do your best to sooth yourself into relief emotionally.

It is not your job to save everyone else – when you start with yourself and tend to your emotional balance you are of most value to others as well. You never see light-houses running around trying to save lost ships, they just stand strong and shine their light.

Your job is not your job 

Your life and how you feel – THAT is your job. How you choose to view every topic, how you see yourself and others, how you feel about what you do…your attitude, your beliefs and your thoughtsyour job is so valuable because YOU are in CHARGE of YOUR LIFE and how YOU FEEL. If you are sad and unsatisfied with your life, it is up you YOU to DO something about it.

Start with the easiest things such as the little daily things you do. Be more deliberate with your choices and choose to make the best of what ever it is you have to do. Be easier on yourself, be kinder and more pampering to yourself. Begin treating yourself like someone you really like and stop listening to the uncomfortable things other people say – this is YOUR LIFE, how you feel is YOUR JOB and YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT!

A letter to myself as a little girl ❤

“I want you to know that you are so loved! I love you more and more each second and I love you for being exactly as you are! You don’t have to change yourself in order to please your parents or anyone else! Just continue to enjoy the things you love and keep being imaginative, energetic and confident. 

The hurtful words from your parents, your teachers and your classmates are more about the pain THEY are feeling than about you. Brush it all off and continue to find new ways of caring about yourself.

All those scary things that you have seen and been through will only make you stronger and more confident – you can be as successful as you desire to no matter what those around you say.

Please don’t give up on yourself, eventhough it might feel difficult right now – know that I love you unconditionally and eternaly. I am proud of everything that you are. I love everything about you. You are kind, you are loving, you are cute, you are clever and you have within you all the answers to all the questions you might ever encounter.

Keep smiling, keep your heart light and happy. Follow your bliss and know that your life will always get better and better no matter how it might temporarily look.”

Lots of love from myself, Ann-Christin Svärd, many years later.

Your jealousy and insecurity is a message from within ♡

How you feel about yourself is always affecting how you feel about others. You might think the other person is the reason why you suddenly feel insecure and jealous – but you are the one who is causing you to feel that awful pain within, not them. 

When you love yourself unconditionally, you love the beauty you see in others and you enjoy their confidence. 

It is ok, see your insecurity as a message from with – it is time for you to work on how you feel about yourself. You can change your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, and you do it with gentle, loving and caring baby steps. 

Dont beat up on yourself for losing your emotional balance, just gently step away from the situation and acknowledge to yourself that you listen to your inner guidance and that you will start improving how you think and feel about yourself.

What society thinks of you

Set yourself free! Stop caring about what they think! What they think has nothing to do with you anyway, it is simply just a reflection of their own inner resisting or allowing.

What you think about yourself, what you think about them – what YOU think – is what is relevant! When you think thoughts that are filled with love, appreciation and joy, then you are allowing yourself to be who you truly are. 

When you appreciate them – even if they are disapproving of you – now you have set yourself free! It never was about their perspective – it was about your perspective. When you truly love yourself, you see the best not only in yourself but in everyone else as well. 

Just a little shift in your focus will improve your entire life!

When you shift your focus even a little bit in the direction of what feels better to you, you have improved your future experiences. Your future is not predetermined or all set in stone – your future will become a match to how you predominantly feel.

So, if you work on improving how you feel by gently reaching for relief, being kind to yourself and trying to lean more positive regarding all topics, you will automatically improve your life in all aspects imaginable! 

All it takes is a decision that you want to feel better emotionally and that you gently try to shift your focus in a more positive way. No big changes, only small gentle shifts that you can begin doing right now. A little shift goes a long way! 

Their beauty does not make you feel insecure!

Don’t be discouraged when you see the beauty of another person! It is not their beauty that makes you uncomfortable, it is your own lackful thinking about yourself that makes you feel this way. Their beauty just high lightened your own insecurity, and that is a good thing! 

When you deal with your own insecurity by finding your way back into security and empowerment, other people’s beauty will feel as good to you as watching a beautiful flower or a beautiful sunset does. Their beauty doesn’t affect how you feel about yourself – how you feel about yourself affects how you feel about their beauty!

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