Make your own “fuck-it list”

1) Stop caring about what other people think – this is your life and if you want to feel good you have to care about how you feel and what YOU want.

2) Start valuing yourself – listen to what calls you, live out your good-feeling desires and again, care about how you feel.

3) Don’t feel embarressed or ashamed! Do what you want, be playful and allow yourself to enjoy the fun in life.

4) Don’t create a home and a lifestyle to fit in to the expectations of others – you don’t have to live and do as others want you to, you don’t have to own a house, a car, get married or have children if that doesn’t call you! You don’t have to have the perfect garden or the biggest cleanest house either! Allow yourself a fun and satisfying lifestyle!

5) Fuck the “you have to be proper” mentality! Wear the sexy dress, enjoy your body and live out your joys, your passions and your desires.

6) Stop comparing yourself to others – allow yourself to be inspired by others while you love and honor yourself in all ways possible. Allow yourself to be you in all ways that please you.

7) Stop the self hatred and self criticism!!! Just stop all the negative thinking and all the negative conversations about yourself and gently replace that with better feeling thoughts about yourself. Make it your life goal to learn to love yourself unconditionally. No matter what you look like, what you have been through or what you have done – you can learn to love yourself and that will make all the difference.

– – –

Most importantly – don’t follow other people’s lists or advice blindly – listen to your own inner guidance.


Be kind to your body – love and honor it with everything you do 🙏

In the beginning it might seem impossible – but with one small step every day, you will eventually get there.

Relax, it takes time to change how you feel about your body. Some days are easier and some days are harder, just give yourself time. If you have spent your entire life hating your body, those negative thoughts are the easiest to think simply because you have practiced them longer. But it is nothing but thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. Gently lean more positive when you think about your body. Look for things you like and enjoy with your body and make those things your dominant focus when you think and speak about your body.

It is time for you to be kind to your body, to love it and honor it. Not later, not when you have lost the pounds, not when your body is in perfect condition but now. Be kind to your body, love and honor your body and begin right now. Love it when you eat, love it when you exercise, love it when you relax, love it when you take a shower, love it when you are in a dressing room, love it when you look at it in the mirror. Not later, not when others approve of how you look – love it now.

Give yourself time to listen to the soothing stillness within

On the days when you feel exhausted, give yourself a lot of time to rest mentally. Perhaps you have a lot to do and it is not possible for you to lay down and rest at all during your day, but you can always give yourself a moment here and there where you rest mentally. That is just as beneficial.

Take a moment to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and listen to the soothing stillness within. Stay in this comforting place of ease for a minute or two and allow your body to relax. Then, gently open your eyes, smile and thank your body for this relaxing moment.

As you move on with your day do so with the intention of being extra kind, loving and gentle with yourself.

Be who YOU want to be

Dare to be YOU, in all your uniqueness. Let your colors shine bright, follow your calling in life and live out your passionate desires.

Life is way too meaningful to just live in order to please others, so stop! You don’t have to fit in or choose the same things as society at large does – you have to listen to what calls YOU and follow YOUR bliss. Don’t be afraid of their opinions, you don’t need their approval or disapproval in order to know how to live your life! Live life in ways that please you and that make you happy. That is how you live a meaningful, happy and fulfilling life.

“How the fuck can you have a positive attitude when someone hurts you so bad it brings you to your knees”?


Well, what choice do you really have if you want to feel better? Seriously, there are only two choices: 1) Choose to feel like a victim, powerless and sad. Complain about what happened, repeat what happened in your mind again and again and keep yourself stuck in the pain. 2) Choose to allow yourself the time you need to heal emotionally while you, at the same time, start working on how you view yourself and what happened to you.

There is always value with everything that happens – it just depends on how you look at it. Even if someone has done something really bad, you can still choose to let this experience and the behaviour inspire you to build your inner strenght.

If people were always kind to you, and if everyhting was always really pleasing to you, you would never need to challenge yourself to grow as a person. However, if people treat you in hurtful ways and if life gets really tough, you have an opportunity to grow as a person. You can become happier, more confident, more free and more in love with life because of all the hard times. Never let someone else and his behaviour be the reason you dim your own light! You have a choice! Allow yourself the time you need to heal emotionally and then begin to shine brighter because of the experience.

Love and honor your body – an inside job 🙏❤

One of the most important things you can do is learning to love yourself, unconditionally. No matter what you look like or how you have felt about yourself up until this moment – you can learn to love yourself.

Even if you have spent your entire life hating yourself, you can change your thinking and you can begin to love yourself now.

No one who thinks hurtful thoughts about their own body truly feels good within. All it takes is a decision, a decision that you no longer want to hate yourself. A decision that you truly want to feel better. Then, practice shifting your thinking every day. Not just about yourself and about your body, but about all things! It is a lot easier to begin looking for things you appreciate and things you like in other things, situations and other people than with yourself – so begin with the easier things! Once you have practiced a kind, loving attitude of appreciation relative to others, you will automatically begin to see yourself in a new light. It takes time, it takes practice and above all, it takes a willingness to feel better. But you can do it.

I spent the first 25 years of my life hating myself and my body. Then I decided I didn’t want to hate myself anymore, I didn’t want to feel so awful within. So, little by little I began shifting my way of thinking, and little by little I aquired a new way of looking at everything and everyone around me. Once I had reached this point, I began looking at myself with new eyes. It took time. It took practice. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. Now, 10 years later I truly love and honor myself no matter what other people choose to think, say and do to me. Loving yourself is an inside job.

If you want to feel better

In what ways can you show yourself some love today? Think of at least three things that you really enjoy doing and decide to do those things today. It can be little things like wearing your favourite dress that you feel really pretty in, taking a warm soothing bubble bath after your children have gone to bed or eating your favourite meal for lunch.

Even more important than the things you choose to do – what things can you choose to think about yourself today that will bring you relief? What you think matters just as much as what you do and if you really want to be kinder to yourself, it is time to start paying attention to what you are thinking and choose better-feeling thoughts!

Wouldn´t it be nice to go through your day at work thinking ”I am doing the best I can and that is enough.” ”I give myself time to relax every now and then through out my day.” ”I value myself.” ”I am important.” ”I like what I do.” ”I care about my co-workers.” ”I feel appreciated.” ”I am a positive person”… and so on.

– – –

How would you treat a cute little kitten or a sweet little baby? What things would you say to them? Why not start being kinder to yourself as well?

Pay attention to the thoughts you think, not only about yourself but about everyone else and everything else as well. Just pay attention and be aware. When you think critisizing thoughts– gently stop and deliberatley choose better-feeling thoughts. This is a wonderful way to show yourself that you care about how you feel and that you value yourself.

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