Love yourself every step of the way ❤

Embrace your past, embrace all your mistakes and embrace all the unwanted experiences. Who you were and everything that happened have led you to the place where you are right now. And it is all perfect. 

You are worthy of your own love and affection. You were then, you are now and you will forever be. No matter what you have done or how “badly” you messed up. ❤

Your most important quest is to learn to love yourself, unconditionally. No matter what. And when you reach that place there is no end to what you can accomplish. ❤


How do you deal with your panic attacks and your anxiety?

Ever since I was a little girl I have had flashes of panic attacks and days filled with anxiety, sometimes several days in a row, every week. 

When I grew up I had no idea how to handle these awful, intense feelings and it resulted in a lot of anger and depression. Back then I also felt like a powerless victim to everything that happened to me… my alcoholic father, the bullying, my eating disorders, the sexual abuse, the physical abuse, the death of my parents… everything just added to my panic attacks and my anxiety.

It was not until I was 24 years old that I – completely on my own – began improving how I felt about myself and how I handled my mood swings. Little by little I began liking myself and I developed a strong, beautiful self esteem. 

From that point on everything in my life improved as well. I got a job I loved, met an amazing man and my self-esteem continued to grow stronger and stronger. It took time but I managed to go from feeling like a powerless victim to feeling like an empowered woman.

However, my panic attacks and my anxiety is still with me every week. Even though I have the body of my dreams, two little babies, a job I love and an amazing boyfriend… I am, however, better at soothing myself once I get hit with theses awful emotions, and I am an expert at hiding how I feel at work and so on… but the feelings are still as intense as when I was a little girl. 

Some days, like today, I feel no desire to continue living. It is so strange because the feelings are so intense and so real… but tomorrow they might be gone again. That gives me some relief, to know that this too shall pass. Until it passes I treat myself to a lot of delicious food and play a lot with my cute little babies.

How do you handle your panic attacks and your anxiety?


Celebrate being who you are, curves and all ❤

I love the female body – everything about it is beautiful, sensual and magical. I choose to celebrate me, for being who I choose to be. I love my curves and I choose to feel love for everything that I am.

Please stop beating up on yourself and start liking yourself, as you are! I spent over 20 years hating myself and hating my body – it was not until I was 24 years old that I BEGAN improving how I felt about myself. But I succeeded in improving the way I viewed myself. 

Here I am today, 10 years later, and I feel more at peace with myself and more confident than I have ever felt before. I learned to let go of guilt, blame and criticism and learned to find love for myself. True love, unconditional love. That is where I found unconditional happiness, empowerment and freedom as well. 


You are not ugly! ❤

When you look in the mirror and you hate what you see – remember that you are not ugly!!! You are just not allowing yourself to see how beautiful you truly are. You can’t see beauty with critical eyes. Don’t be hard on yourself, just back away from all the mirrors for a while and go more general in your mind as you think about yourself

You can’t jump all the way from insecurity and self-hatred to confidence and self-love. However, you can be a little bit easier on yourself right now. You can sooth yourself a little by going more general in your view of yourself. You can pamper yourself with something you enjoy and focus on something else for a while. You can begin to look for things you enjoy and like in other people.

When you have spent some time practicing this appreciative way of looking at others, you will begin to see things you like about yourself too. 


A strong, confident and fit mother of two little babies ❤❤

I can’t believe I hated myself for over 24 years before I began improving my thinking. My body – my every cell – must be very strong since it kept being everything I needed it to be while I was hating it at the same time. Thank you, beautiful body, for not just hanging in there but for allowing yourself to blossom and thrive. 

It has been 10 years since I began improving my thinking and little by little I have gone from no self-esteem to total self-empowerment. The journey is never ending, which is the best part. Always more reliefgiving thoughts to find and new beautiful beliefs to create. More love to be felt and more unconditional happiness to be experienced. One small step at a time.


Self-hatred = hating a thought you have about yourself

“No matter what the problem is, our experiences are just outer effects of inner thoughts. Even self-hatred is only hating a thought you have about yourself. You have a thought that says, “I’m a bad person.” This thought produces a feeling, and you buy into the feeling. However, if you don’t have the thought, you won’t have the feeling. And thoughts can be changed. Change the thought and the feeling must go.”
Louise Hay, from the book “You can heal your life”



When you hate the person you see in the mirror

There are times when you hate the person you see in the mirror. Times when you just want to run away and hide forever. These times are really painful – for you. You are hurting yourself and your body with each lackful thought about yourself. 
You were created to be YOU. You were supposed to be the BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, individual that you are! There is nothing wrong, bad, ugly or shameful about you. You are beautiful, you are vibrant, you are a magnificent being who are endlessly LOVED and ADORED by all that is. Reach for something that brings you relief from your inner pain. Sooth yourself, pamper yourself and start being kind to yourself. Let these dark and horrid moments be your wake up call that lets you know it is time for you to look for relief and sooth yourself into feeling better. ♡


When you are screaming with pain on the inside, and smiling on the outside ♡

I listened to Linking Park quite a lot when I was going through my darkest moments when I was 17-20 years old. On Thursday I heard about what happened, I know he has finally found relief. ♡

Numb is a wonderful way to describe how I was feeling. All the things I had been through – sexual abuse, physical abuse, been bullied, anorexia, alcoholic parent, death of my mother, had no self esteem, ran away from home straight into the arms of a man who physically and mentally abused me for almost 2 years until he went into prison… and lots more… 

All of it had me SCREAMING with pain on the inside but smiling on the outside. Almost every inch of me had lost all hope and wanted to die – I even tried to kill myself once when I was 19 years old but could not go through with it. There was still a small part of me that wanted to live.

This is me when I wad 16 years old. Not a happy teenager. No one understood what I was going through, I had no one.

I continued alone and it was not until I was 24 years old after another anorexia episode, the death of my father and more that I finally decided I wanted to change my life. And I did. I did it all by myself and I managed to go from feeling like a helpless victim to a person with radiant self-esteem who fell in love with life. From that point on everything changed for me. I got my dream job, met the man I desired most of all… I got pregnant and gave birth to my two little angels. ♡ 

All of these external things are beautiful but what really matters is how I feel on the INSIDE. That was what I changed FIRST and that made all the difference.

That is why my burning passion now is to show other people that no matter what you have been through, you can change your thinking and feel good again. ♡


From no self-esteem to total self-empowerment

How can you stop your self hatred and start improving how you feel about yourself? It is easier than you think. It doesn’t matter if you have hated yourself your entire life or if you have the lowest self-esteem imaginable – you can improve how you feel about yourself and you can begin now. You can go from no self-esteem to total self-empowerment, it is possible! 

There are many things you can begin doing, right now, that are beautiful, easy steps on your journey toward feeling better about yourself. One of the first steps is to make a decision that you WANT to feel better about yourself. Just rest with that decision for a while, it is enough! As you let that decision be a part of your thinking it will be easier for you to take the next steps as well.

Another step you can take is to start looking at other people in a new light – start looking for things you LIKE about everyone around you and everything that happens. It is a lot easier to begin to look at OTHERS in a more positive way than yourself if you are tuned in to hating yourself. And there is real magic in this because if you train your focus into seeing the GOOD in others, you will automatically begin to see the GOOD in yourself as well, without even trying! This is an excellent way to begin changing your focus in an easy, gentle and smart way.

If you have spent your entire life hating yourself it is very likely that you have stopped listening to your own inner guidance a long time ago and replaced it with what other people think and say. It is likely that you have let their disapproval or approval become a big part of your own guidance – and that is also why you feel so lost, so disempowered and so insecure. You can’t rely on things outside of yourself for guidance about how you feel without losing your own sence of self empowerment. But don’t worry! This too can change and YOU can begin the change right here and right now:

This magnificent step will feel like such a relief to you! This step is to stop caring about what other people think about you and start listening to how YOU FEEL, what YOU LIKE and what YOU WANT. This life is for YOU. YOU are the main character in YOUR LIFE and YOU get to choose how you want to play your part. 

How would you like to feel? How would you like to feel about yourself? What matters to you? What things do you enjoy doing? What things do you enjoy eating? What clothes makes you feel most comfortable and most beautiful? How would you like to spend your days? What values are important to you? How would you like your relationships to feel and play out? What choices would you like to make? Continue discovering what feels good to you, what calls you and begin to move in the direction of what feels better to you. 

Another reliefgiving step is to start paying attention to what you think and say about yourself. Your inner dialogue will affect everything about you, your posture, your confidence… everything! When you think good-feeling thoughts about yourself you will be an attractive, confident, empowered and good-feeling person as well. It all begins with your mind, your attitude and your focus.

Begin right now to at least LISTEN to what you think and say about yourself and begin to make gentle changes in your focus. Baby steps is enough! You can’t go from thoughts of self-loathing to self-love all at once because it is too far away and you won’t believe these new thoughts anyway so they will make no difference. But you can gently tune to thoughts that are more general and a little less hateful. And as you practice that for a while you can then tune into more general thoughts that bring you a little more relief and with a little time you will be able to easily reach for thoughts about yourself that feel good. One step at a time. The more you do it the easier it will be. In time you will think loving thoughts about yourself and the words you speak about yourself and your life will automatically reflect that love.

There are many more beautiful steps along the way but these steps will be a perfect start on your journey toward feeling good about yourself. 


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