You are the only one that can satisfy my insatiable lust

My body aches for your desirefilled gaze… Every inch of my body wants to feel your warm craving hands…

You are my deepest desire, my secret passion and the only one who can satisfy my insatiable lust…


Take great satisfaction in how good it feels ❤

Cherish the moments when you feel good! Allow yourself to truly enjoy your time, have fun and take pleasure from the moment.

These moments when you feel good are so valuable, love theses moments and take great satisfaction in how good it feels.

Why you have my heart, eternally ❤

I don’t fall for your beauty, for your body, for your face, for your eyes, for your hands, for your hair, for your smile, for your car, for your house, for your money, for your sexy attitude, for your experiences or for your personality – I don’t fall for any of those things. These things might look really nice, but these things are irrellevant for my feelings because I fall for your energy. I could tell just after a few seconds I met you, that I would fall for you – eternally. Nothing in this world could ever compete with that.

❤ There is only one man who can make me feel like this ❤

Live your life in ways that please you ❤

You don’t need anyone else to love you in order for you to feel loved! No one else can give you the missing piece you are looking for – no one can give you the true feelings of bliss, happiness, love and satisfaction unless you first find it within yourself. ❤

I want to feel your rough hands eagerly exploring my body

Just the thought of you caresses my body with such warmth and richness that my entire body trembles with pleasure… No matter where I go, what I do or who I am with – you are on my mind…

My entire body hungers for your tough… I want to feel your rough hands eagerly exploring my body… I want to see the lust and burning desire for more in your eyes and I want to hear you tell me all the things you want to do to me… Even the delicious scent of you is everywhere around me when you are not with me… my longing, my desire and my lust grows stronger and stronger with each passing second. You are all that I want.

❤ I want to run my fingers slowly through your hair ❤

Your eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. When our eyes meet, the entire world falls silent. There is only you.

Your voice is the most pleasurefilled sound I have ever heard, when I hear your voice I feel satisfying ripples of pleasure running through my body.

Your hair is the most sexy hair I have ever seen, I want to run my fingers slowly through your hair, again and again…

Your arms and hands are my favourite part of you, every inch of my body aches for your touch…

My desire for you grows stronger and more intense with each passing moment – there is only you. ❤

My body craves your desirefilled gaze

My body trembles when I hear your name… I feel a burning, delicious sensation within me as the thought of you enters my mind… my body craves your desirefilled gaze… your eager, rough hands caressing every inch of my skin… I want you to crave me… desire me… want me… need me… like I desire you… nothing can satisfy my insatiable thirst for more other than you… and yet I always want more…

🌹🌹🌹 8 weeks left until 8 weeks of summer vacation 🌹🌹🌹

I had the best day ever at work. I absolutely love being a teacher! I love spending my time with these awesome teenagers, it is such a rich and fulfilling job.

Not only are my students awesome, I have the best co-workers imaginable. I feel so happy when I see them, they are so kind and talanted. And to top it off, my boss values me so much and truly respects and appreciates all that I do, that feels so nice!

Eventhough I love my job, it feels even better to come home to my two little babies. I am so happy it is only 8 weeks left until my summer vacation begins – another positive side with being a teacher ❤. I will enjoy 8 weeks of summer vacation with my two little babies. ❤ I truly look forward to that.

  • What was the best part of your day? 🌹

Be fully alive in your unique splendor 🌟

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