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Do you want to feel worried or happy?

Don’t give up your emotional balance for any relationship

Being out of your emotional balance is a clear indicator that you are thinking lackful thoughts. You can blame it on the situation or the other person but you are the one who is choosing your perspective. And you are the one who are blocking yourself from the answers, the solutions, the improvements and the healing when you think lackful thoughts.

So, you have one option if you want your body, your health and everything else in your life to improve: find a way to sooth yourself into feeling better. Whether you stay in the relationship or whether you leave is irrelevant but you have to work on how you feel if you want lasting change. Sure, leaving the relationship might feel like relief to you – so do it. But you have to leave your lackful thinking aswell otherwise you will just attract more situations and people that feel the same way.

The emotional journey and the action journey are two different journeys. You have to take the emotional journey no matter what action you take, if you want to improve your life.

No matter what situation you are in – you always have a choice: feel a little better or feel a little worse

How are you wanting to feel today? You really have a choice in this!

You might be going through a lot right now; perhaps people are mean to you, perhaps your relationship has a lot of issues, perhaps you have sever health issues or perhaps there is something else that you deem really difficult that is happening in your life. It doesn’t matter what it is, you always have a choice: feel a little better or feel a little worse.

Your mood, your emotional state, is not locked to the situation around you. Ever. You are in charge of your perspective and you can always look at things from different perspectives – therfore you can always affect how you feel.

You are never stuck, there is always hope. You just have to stop looking so intensely at the issue, back away in your perspective and take a more general approach. Stop pointing out what feels bad, stop complaining and stop blaming. Start soothing yourself instead. Start reaching for thoughts that feel like a little bit of relief. It is always possible, no matter the situation.

The most difficult choice I have ever been faced with – and I have not decided yet 😅

Ok so the contrast is still here and I have a few days left to make up my mind. I know what I want, I know what I don’t want – but, and this is a very big but: my boyfriend wants the exact opposite of what I want. That is where my dilemma is;

Shall I follow my heart and do what I want or shall I respect and honor my boyfriend’s wishes… I really don’t want to do something that goes against everything he wants…. but I really don’t want to go against me either 😂.

I try to see the situation with a little bit of humor. It truly feels like a lose, lose situation although I KNOW there are only choices you line up with or choices you don’t line up with – and if I make one choice the best choice for me, it will be. I know, logically, that it doesn’t matter what I choose because if I focus on soothing myself into relief and eventually into feeling good unconditionally again, it will work out beautifully well for me. I know these things, but I am in an emotional place right now where I don’t quite feel so at ease and balanced about it any more. And that is ok! It truly IS OK to freak out when things don’t go your way. Your negative emotions are not bad or wrong, it is just guidance letting you know you are splitting your energy = you have a desire that you are currently opposing with lackful thoughts. And that is so true because I don’t just focus on me and what I desire, I focus just as much on my boyfriend and what he desires. And since our belief, wishes, desires and emotions regarding this situation are in complete opposition… it is an emotional tug of war.

So no, I have not decided yet. I don’t have to decide today or tomorrow anyway so I will try to relax about it a little. ❤

How to feel good unconditionally, when your world is falling apart ❤

The key is to practice feeling good because you want to feel good, not just respond and react to the situation. To feel good when all things in your life are beautiful, wonderful and going your way requiers just that you look around and react – it is not a sign of inner strenght to just look around and react. That is pretty sloppy creating.

True freedom, empowerment and happiness comes when you pracice feeling good even though there are things in your life that are not as you desire them to be. Perhaps you are sick, your lover left you, you lost your child, you lost your job or something else that you don’t want has happened. To choose to feel better – ANYWAY, without anything changing, THAT IS WERE TRUE FREEDOM AND EMPOWERMENT IS FOUND.

“Is this easy to do?” No. It takes practice. “Shall I begin with the big, life changing events that just brought me to my knees?” No. Begin with smaller, easier things. It is all part of learning to love yourself unconditionally. You can’t go from hating yourself to truly loving yourself completely – just like that. It takes a little time and practice and you begin with easy, gentle baby steps.

The most important part is that you start being kind kind to yourself. Acknowledge that you ARE doing the best you can from where you are emotionally and belief-wise. It is ok. You are where you are and that is alright. See the emotional journey and the action journey as two seperate journeys. You can lose your job and feel hopeless or you can lose your job and feel hopeful. You are still losing your job but how you feel is something you can affect. Start shifting the way you feel about life, your experiences and yourself. Take a more general approach and stop making such big hairy deals about everything. You CAN FEEL GOOD again, no matter what has happened, what you are going through or what will happen. And how you feel is the key to how well things work out for you, and this is all in your hands. Isn’t it exciting, freeing and empowering to know that!? You are not bound by the situation, you are not bound by their actions and you are not stuck. You are always free and in full control because only YOU choose your perspective, and your perspective affects everything. It not only affects how you feel, it also affects what comes next.

When you feel lost and broken ❤

When they judge and dislike you ❤

“Let’s just get right to this, because we’re going to tell you something: That fear of being judged is valid because you’re going to be judged, because you’re surrounded by judges. So it’s a valid fear because you’re going to be judged. You can’t walk through a room that people don’t observe you, and from their perspective, form an opinion and a conclusion relative to you. You are the wrong color for some, you’re the wrong religion for some, you wear the wrong clothes for some, you have the wrong color of hair for some – in other words, you’re going to be judged, and on and on and on it goes.

The only way that you could ever really get rid of that experience of being judged (in other words, that action journey of being judged) is if you went and lived in a cave where no one would ever see you. And then you’d worry about the cockroach, or then you’d see the little squirrel and you say “What are you thinking about?”

So, you’re going to be judged. It’s a fact of living in an environment where other eyes will see you. That is your action journey. But you can be judged and care deeply about it, and you can be judged and not give a rip about it. And the difference is the difference between living happily ever after and being tortured, because you could never be the right thing for even most of them. You can’t even always please your mother even when you try really, really hard, because she’s fickle – some days she’s connected and some days she’s not. And on those days when she’s not connected, give it up.

There are so many of you who tried so hard to please her anyway, and then came away concluding you were a failure because you were incapable of making her feel good. You thought you should be able to; you thought you should be able to stand on your head in enough different ways to make something better for someone, that you could suffer enough to make it better for others, and you cannot.

You can’t get poor enough to help poor people be prosperous, and you can’t get sad enough to help sad people get happy, and you can’t get perfect enough to help people who want you to be perfect see that you are perfect, because they are fickle. And we don’t mean that unkindly, it’s just the way it is. Everyone’s looking through their eyes, from their perspective, and they are thinking what they are thinking, and they are going to evaluate everything they see. They evaluate the sky, they evaluate the roads – they evaluate everything because it’s part of the deciphering process. It’s part of the preferring process; it’s part of the concluding, molding of the clay, process. They’re not wrong in doing that because it’s natural; everyone does it: You look around, you conclude, you prefer – it’s part of life. It’s the action journey. It’s OK; it’s the way that it is. I can hate it or I can love it. I can embrace it or I can push against it.

Living conditional love is really tiring. Conditional love says I want to feel good, but I can only feel good under these conditions. Unconditional love is freeing. In fact, it’s the only place where freedom is. Unconditional love says I can feel good, no matter what the conditions because I have power of focus.

Abraham Hicks, 27/2 2005

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