How to stop the judgement and hatred we have for others ❤


Trust your choices and they will work out for your highest good ❤

There is a huge difference between doing something because you are scared of what might happen if you don´t, and doing something because you like the idea of how this will benefit you and how much this will be of value to your body, One of these perspectives has a lot of resistance in it and the other perspective is very allowing, The perspective from which you do something will affect the results.

Make it a beautiful habit to always line up with your decisions. Look at the positive sides of the choices you make, search for success stories from people who have done the same thing, read a lot about the value that can be found in it. Let those aspects be the most dominant ones when you think of your choices.


My abortion 🌸

10 years ago I had to make the most difficult decision I have ever been forced to make. Before the experience I would never ever have even considered having an abortion. I always said “if I ever become pregnant, no matter the circumstances, I will keep it.” But there I was 10 years ago, pregnant for the first time but in a very strange situation. (Yes the father is the same father my two little babies have). I took a lot of time to consider my options because I knew he didn’t want me to keep the baby, especially since we were not even a couple back then.

It was a hard decision and I spent many days and nights crying and wanting to run far away and keep the baby and raise it by myself instead. But, eventually the decision had to be made and I chose to go through with the abortion.

It was an awful experience but I still feel I made the right decision for me at that time. I know many people think I should have kept the baby no matter the circumstances – because what right do I have to choose whether another person should live or die? If it would have happened now, I would have kept it no matter what. Do I regret the abortion? A part of me does. I am sorry it happened. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about what could have been my first baby.

However, what is done is done. The past is in the past. The mistakes and decisions I made has already been made. It is of no value to beat up on yourself for your past – make peace with it and trust that you did the best you could at the time with the understanding, awareness and knowledge you had. It is ok. If you feel guilty or if you blame someone else – forgive yourself and forgive them. We are all doing the best we can from where we stand. 

Let go of your past with love, choose to live in the now and honor your inner guidance. Move on with love and appreciation in your heart for the experience and focus on how you want to feel NOW and what you want to experience NOW.


Take a break and see the world with fresh new eyes


Relax, it will work out for your highest good ❤


Lovingly release all criticism 


When your choices are very different from your friends’ choices in life

It is ok to choose to live life in ways that call you. It is ok to choose paths that are very different from what those around you are choosing.

This is your life, you are the main character in your life –  make choices that feel good to you and allow others to choose what feels better to them aswell. 

It is not a matter of right vs wrong. When we choose paths that feel good, we are always right. 

We are all as different and unique as can be! We all have different beliefs, expectations and desires – and that is why we are called to so many different paths

Never compare your choices to those of your friend, acknowledge that we are all unique and we all have an inner calling towards what makes our heart sing. Listen and follow YOUR bliss. 


Trust your internal GPS


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