Evening yoga and enigma 🌹

I have had a really good day at work and the evening with my babies was divine. First we spent a few hours playing outside in the garden and on the playground, then we went inside, they had a bath and then we relaxed a little on the sofa.

While they relaxed I did some yoga – absolutely magnificent. So soothing and yet strenghtening at the same time.

Now I am relaxing in bed while listening to my favourite relaxing music, Enigma. Same relaxing music that I have listened to for 25 years now 😊🌹.

  • I hope you had a good day aswell.
  • What do you enjoy doing when you want to relax?

Relax! You are not judged – you are loved unconditionally, eternally

It is alright ❤

A relaxing Sunday with my babies ❤

Today we just relaxed together during the morning. My babies thought it was a good idea to take all the bed clothes off the bed and put them on the floor instead. 🤣

Then I and my baby girl went grocery shopping while my baby boy and my boyfriend stayed in the park.

When we got home we had some treats and now we will continue to enjoy the day outside.

I hope you have a really nice day as well.

It will come to you when you allow ❤

🌸 A break from everything 🌸

My kind of busy ❤

The absolute best moment – solitude, delicious food, darkness and rain ❤

I just put my babies to bed and my boyfriend is still down in the basement playing video games as usual – now is my favourite moment. My solitude. I have made a mud cake just for me and I am going to stay here on the couch just enjoying the stillness and the soothing darkness. I love these moments!

I feel my best when I am alone, eating something delicious and when it is dark and rainy outside.

  • When do you feel really good?

A relaxing evening 🐈

My cat and I enjoyed a relaxing evening. 🤣 He really liked the silence and stillness after I had put my babies to bed. ❤

A lazy and cozy Sunday

We are enjoying a lazy and cozy Sunday at home together.

There will be lots of delicious food, relaxing moments on the sofa and some playing together today. At home. I love days like these. 🐣🐥🐇

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