True love starts within


You are what I crave

I long for your touch, I hunger for your embrace. I long to hear your voice, to see your smile and to feel your gaze upon my body. I desire you more than words can say. My body craves your touch. Feel me, touch me, see me. I close my eyes and you are all I see. I speak with others and try to listen, but you fill my mind completely. 

The rules you have to follow

If there are certain rules at work, in your relationship – or in life – that you currently have to follow, be playful about it and see them as game rules that you choose to follow when you play this game called “work” or “relationship ” or “living in this country”. Just make the best of it by not pushing against them but choosing to play along and have fun while you do it! ♡

“What if my friend is doing the wrong thing?”

First off, if you see him as doing something “wrong” that says a lot about YOUR focus and therfore YOUR point of attraction.

Secondly, you don’t know how your friend truly feels about the choices he has – maybe this is the choice that feels best to HIM right now? You are not his guidance system, you can’t think believe or feel for him…

Finally, even if your friend think his choice is “wrong” – you are not improving anything by further enhancing how “wrong” his choice is! The most beneficial thing you can do is to see him in a positive light, and keep your own good-feeling balance.