My meaning of life was born on the 14th of August 2014 ❤

On the 14th of August 2014 my life got a meaning – I gave birth to my baby girl. I can’t believe she will be 4 years old, two weeks from today. I love her more and more each second. ❤


Feeling really good ❤

Today has been an awesome day – for no specific reason. I just love my two little babies so much, they are my one and only love, my one and only meaning of life.

The best part of my day ❤

Coming home to my babies and spending a few hours with them before bedtime – that is the best part of my day, every day. ❤❤

  • What did you enjoy most about your day?

Always have fun – life is supposed to be enjoyed

We had the best evening ever. So much fun and so much laughter.

My babies have taught me so much, one of the greatest things I have learned is that life is supposed to be enjoyed! We are supposed to have fun and play – and unconditional love is the miracles we are all looking for.


❤ My heart, my soul – my everything ❤

I love my two babies more and more each second. ❤❤❤

Are you making the best out of what has been given to you? ❤

As the day comes to an end and it is time to go to sleep… how do you feel about yourself and your life? Are you happy? Are you living your life in ways that please you? Are you making the best out of what has been given to you? Are you enjoying your days? Are you having fun?

This is your life, make the most out of it. Don’t wait or hold back – live your life now. Live each day with love and a child-like joy in your heart.

What if today was your very last day of this life time? Would you be satisfied with how you enjoyed your day?

Be even more eager to enjoy your days! Have more fun, be more playful, enjoy more and love more! ❤

💖 Be just like a happy little baby 💖

Live your life with the warm glow of love within. Love your life, love nature, love animals, love food, love people, love your experiences and most importantly; love yourself.

Be just like a happy little baby. Look at your body and everything else with pure joy and delight. Have fun everyday and be very playful about everything. There is nothing serious going on, you came for the ride so you might as well enjoy it.

How good do you want your life to be?

To find your purpose in life = be you

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