To find your purpose in life = be you


My meaning of life – my two babies

My love and joy โ™กโ™ก

I love my two little babies so much!!! I had no idea you could love someone this much! I love them more and more each second. Thank you for being the best teachers -ever – of pure, unconditional love and joy. 

Let your own unique colors shine bright

Let your colors shine bright! Never dim your own light in order to please those around you. You were born to be who you want to be, you were born to follow your own bliss and to let your own unique colors shine bright.

It is RIGHT for you to love what you love, it is RIGHT for you to have the passionate desires you have! Don’t apologize for being different or for having your unique passions in life – be who you desire to be. Lovingly allow others to be who they desire to be and enjoy life in ways that please you!

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