Stop blaming other people or uncontrollable circumstances for your difficulties πŸ™β€οΈ

Stop blaming other people or uncontrollable circumstances for your difficulties. Own it, realize you are 100 % responsible for how you feel – and that you can change how you feel without anything else changing – and that will improve your entire life.

You are in charge. Forgive the one who hurt you, no matter how badly he hurt you. Drop the victim mentality, stop your complaining – there is always a reason why some people hurt others, choose understanding, empathy and fucking let it go. πŸ™


Challenge yourself a little, stop complaining about their complaining! Be more flexible with your focus πŸŒ±

Can you let go of your old patterns and begin being more flexible with your focus? The easiest thing in the world is to continue doing what you have always done, but if you want progress you have to challenge yourself a little.

Next time you hear someone complain, instead of joining them or complaining about their complaining – just breathe and think more general thoughts about this person such ashe has practiced this way of focusing, that is why he does it so easily, but if he wanted to feel better he could change his focus a little. But it is not my job to change his ways. I will just try to be an example of a person with a positive, open and flexible focus. His negative attitude doesn’t have to affect my attitude. In fact, I don’t even have to call his behavior negative or his words complaining – I will just call it his focus. His words. I can choose another focus, I can choose other words. “πŸ™

A new dawn, a new chance at life – how do you want to feel today?

Every night comes with a new dawn, a new chance at life. As you wake up, feel how life flows through your veins and be thankful for a new day.

How do you want to feel today? Make a choice and adjust your thoughts, words and action to match that feeling. πŸ™

How you feel is your choice, and it will affect everything else β€οΈπŸ¦‹πŸ™

A lot of people will say they love and adore you, but how they feel about you is not because of you – it is because of their own perspective.

Never let how they feel about you be the reason why you like or dislike yourself, let them feel as they choose to while you work on loving yourself and everyone else unconditionally. Choose to be one who loves and adores, one who sees the best in others and all things. How you feel is your choice, and it will affect everything else. β€οΈπŸ¦‹πŸ™

Appreciate everything you have gone through – it all inspired you to now become who you want to be πŸŒ±

A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.”

Serena Williams

If you can go through all that pain, all that suffering and all those dark times and still be kind to yourself and others – your strenght and goodness goes beyond words. Give yourself some credit, and start appreciating everything you went through – it all inspired you to now become who you want to be.

Your strength will carry you through anything πŸ™

If you can find it in your heart to feel better when you are going through the darkest of storms, just imagine how good life will feel to you once the sun comes back into your life πŸ™.

If you can feel better even though the storm is still raging, your strength will carry you through anything. Never give up.

All you have is this moment, spend it in the most satisfying way you can πŸŒΊ

If you could do anything you desired to, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be with? What would you eat? How would you feel? Take a few moments to enjoy the idea of this.

Life is supposed to be enjoyed. Life is an adventure and a journey, and you are the one who get to choose what you fill your life with. No matter where you are in life right now, what you have been through or what circumstances you are in at the moment – make peace with your past and your present, appreciate what you have and allow yourself to dream big and take pleasure from your imagination.

All you have is this moment, spend it in the most satisfying way you can. 🌺

The best part of my day πŸ₯°

I have had a wonderful day today. I feel so appreciated at work and so happy at home with my babies. I really want to take a few moments to list my top 3 best things with today:

1) At work a student told me that she really wanted to continue having me as a teacher next year because she really values me as a teacher. What a nice thing to say!

2) My babies and I had the best evening ever! We played games together and had so much fun.

3) I got a few hours of “me-time” since my boyfriend works nightshifts this week. I adore getting some time completely by myself, especially during the late evenings.

  • What 3 things did you enjoy most about your day?

Everything starts with you, with how you feel πŸ¦‹

No assignment, no problem, no person and no situation is more important than your own wellbeing. If you donΒ΄t feel good, everything else will be negatively affected. If you feel good, everything else will be positively affected. It starts with you, with how you feel. How you feel affects everything. It even affects what kind of people you meet, how they behave but most importantly how you react. So, it is very valuable to care about how you feel – first. Make it your top priority to be kind, gentle and patient with yourself.
How can you make yourself feel a little bit better right now? Is there something you can do, say or think that can give you relief? If there is, then do it. If there isnΒ΄t, relax. You will feel better again eventually, just decide to be kinder to yourself and try to distract yourself as best you can.

You have an important choice to make, a choice that will improve your life immediately

You always have an important choice to make because no matter what is going on you can choose to make the best of it. When you choose to make the best of it, your now will improve and if you keep making the best of it, your tomorrows will improve as well.

The clearest of days with the most beautiful warming sunshine might be a wonderful reason for you to feel good for a while… but keep choosing to make the best of your day no matter the weather, no matter what goes on around you and no matter who you are with.

It is not the weather, it is not the people around you or their actions, it is not even your own body’s shape, size, figure or health that makes you happy or not – it is your choice of focus. Will you please try to make the best of it, wherever you are?

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