Are you living in a way that makes you happy?

Are you living in a way that makes you happy? Never mind how other people are living their lives and never mind what people expect you to do in order to feel happy.

Ask yourself what makes you feel good, what calls you, what brings you pleasure and what makes you happy?


Your secret desires tell you valuable things about yourself

Do you know what you truly desire in life? Listen to your heart and follow your bliss.

Your preferences in life are unique to you, as are your desires, beliefs and expectations. There is not another person on the planet who thinks, feels, desires and expects as you do. You have to listen to your own calling to live out your own dreams in life.

What gives you the greatest happiness, excitement and satisfaction in life? What things do you feel most drawn to? Your idea of a fullfilling life, what does that mean to you? These are personal questions, you have to listen inwards for your answeryou have the answer in your heart, listen to it and follow your joy, your passion and your desire.

Milk each moment for the pleasure it brings you 🌼

Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not.”

– Deepak Chopra

Life can be so exciting when you dream big and do the things that call you! Dare to dream even bigger! What things are you attracted to in life? Enjoy those things! Have more fun and milk each moment for the pleasure it brings you.

It is the life and the zest in the years that matters

Don’t feel stupid if you don’t like what everyone else pretends to love“.

Emma Watson

This is the exciting and satisfying part of life – find out what calls you and follow your unique bliss.

You don’t have to follow what society or your loved ones expect of you – this is YOUR life, not theirs. You only have a couple of years on this planet so why not make the absolute best of those years!? Enjoy your life in the most delicious ways you can think of.

It is the life and zest in the years that matter, not the amount of years in your life! 🙏

The satisfaction of your life is not measured in the years you live or the things you accomplish but in the amount of joy, passion and desire you feel

If it makes your heart sing… if it calls you like the very life force within you… go, do it, enjoy it. Only you can know what is right for you. Only you can choose and only you can live your life.

Who knows how long you will play this game called life, why not passionately enjoy it? Your life is for you, so listen to your own guidance. Life can be an adventure, no matter who you are or where you are. You don’t need money to feel rich, you don’t need a family to feel love and you don’t need to live an easy life in order to feel free, empowered and happy. How you feel is in your hands, it has to be unconditional and how you choose to enjoy your life is a question only you know the answer to.

Stop your second guessing, stop the blame, stop the guilt, stop listening to the peanut gallery and start ENJOYING life in ways that call you. The satisfaction of your life is not measured in the years you live or the things you accomplished but in the amount of joy, passion and desire you feel.

All you have is this moment, spend it in the most satisfying way you can 🌺

If you could do anything you desired to, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be with? What would you eat? How would you feel? Take a few moments to enjoy the idea of this.

Life is supposed to be enjoyed. Life is an adventure and a journey, and you are the one who get to choose what you fill your life with. No matter where you are in life right now, what you have been through or what circumstances you are in at the moment – make peace with your past and your present, appreciate what you have and allow yourself to dream big and take pleasure from your imagination.

All you have is this moment, spend it in the most satisfying way you can. 🌺

Take pleasure from your fantasies – build your strenght, health and your beauty

Allow your fantasy to breathe life into you, use your imagination to live out all your sweet desires and let it fuel your wellbeing.

Every second you spend feeling good – no matter the reason – is a second you are building your strenght, your health and your beauty.

Feeling good is the key to all things you desire, so why not spend a few minutes of every day enjoying a fantasy?

Use your imagination, live out your fantasy and feel better

Take a few moments every day to imagine. Visualize beautiful, relaxing scenarios where you can rest mentally and emotionally. Give yourself the gift of pleasurefilled scenarios that make you feel better.

A few minutes of day dreaming will be a reliefgiving break that can improve not only how you feel but your entire day as well. Try this every day for a week, especially if you are having a hard time right now. Give yourself time to relax, time to enjoy your fantasy. Nothing will improve your life more than caring about how you feel and deliberarely doing something to feel better.

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