You are the only one can satisfy my insatiable lust

My body aches for your desirefilled gaze… Every inch of my body wants to feel your warm craving hands…

You are my deepest desire, my secret passion and the only one who can satisfy my insatiable lust…


Take great satisfaction in how good it feels ❤

Cherish the moments when you feel good! Allow yourself to truly enjoy your time, have fun and take pleasure from the moment.

These moments when you feel good are so valuable, love theses moments and take great satisfaction in how good it feels.

❤ There is only one man who can make me feel like this ❤

I want to feel your rough hands eagerly exploring my body

Just the thought of you caresses my body with such warmth and richness that my entire body trembles with pleasure… No matter where I go, what I do or who I am with – you are on my mind…

My entire body hungers for your tough… I want to feel your rough hands eagerly exploring my body… I want to see the lust and burning desire for more in your eyes and I want to hear you tell me all the things you want to do to me… Even the delicious scent of you is everywhere around me when you are not with me… my longing, my desire and my lust grows stronger and stronger with each passing second. You are all that I want.

❤ I want to run my fingers slowly through your hair ❤

Your eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. When our eyes meet, the entire world falls silent. There is only you.

Your voice is the most pleasurefilled sound I have ever heard, when I hear your voice I feel satisfying ripples of pleasure running through my body.

Your hair is the most sexy hair I have ever seen, I want to run my fingers slowly through your hair, again and again…

Your arms and hands are my favourite part of you, every inch of my body aches for your touch…

My desire for you grows stronger and more intense with each passing moment – there is only you. ❤

My body craves your desirefilled gaze

My body trembles when I hear your name… I feel a burning, delicious sensation within me as the thought of you enters my mind… my body craves your desirefilled gaze… your eager, rough hands caressing every inch of my skin… I want you to crave me… desire me… want me… need me… like I desire you… nothing can satisfy my insatiable thirst for more other than you… and yet I always want more…

Soothing, satisfying scenarios that play out exactly as you desire them to 💖

Sooth yourself into feeling relief. No matter where you are or what you do – give yourself a moment here and there to sooth yourself in your mind. Imagine pleasurable, soothing scenarios that play out exactly as you desire them to. Feel the satisfaction and enjoy the moment.

There is no more benefical way to spend a moment than to spend it feeling good – remember to have fun, life is for you and life is supposed to be enjoyed.

How to have the best most satisfying relationships

“For now, start your new relationships in a new way. Indeed, start every relationship in a new way. You can do this each day…for each day, every relationship is a new relationship.

You are capable of recreating yourself anew in every golden moment of Now, and you are creating every relationship you have all over from the beginning each time you lay eyes on that other person. Did you know that?

It does not have to be what it was yesterday. Nor do you have to be who you were yesterday.

Whether your present relationship is new or old, you can begin having good sex right now, today. Declare and decide that your Synergistic Energy eXchange with your Special Other will be filled with light and love, understanding and acceptance, compassion and forgiveness, celebration and joyous recognition.

Joyously recognize, each time you speak to that person, the wonder and the glory of Who They Really Are. See Godliness in them each time you see them at all.

Neale Donald Walsch

The one who can satisfy my insatiable thirst

No matter where I am, who I am with or what I do… my thoughts lead me back to you. You are as valuable to me as the very air I breathe… as important to my body as my own heart beats…

My desire for you burns brighter and brighter within. My every cell radiates passionate love for all that you are. I hunger for your touch, I long for your smile, my entire body craves your satisfied gaze…

There is only one place I want to be, and that is with you. There is only one person who can satisfy my insatiable thirst and that is you.

Your strong, craving hands on every inch of my skin ❤

With every touch you give, I crave you more and more… your lips gives such pleasure my entire body trembles with pleasure … just to see your beautiful eyes loving my body gives me satisfaction beyond anything I have ever felt before… your strong and craving hands on every inch of my skin is all I feel when I close my eyes… you are the only one in my heart, in my mind, in my dreams and in my deepest desires.

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