❤ Let go of your self-imposed limitations ❤

Be like a playful, happy child! Imagine more, day dream, enjoy the little things more, allow yourself to have fun and dream big! Let go of your self-imposed limitations and remind yourself that anything is possible!!! Not even the sky is the limit, your own mind is.

Open up your mind, be more kind to yourself, decide to start liking yourself again! Show yourself love, kindness, appreciation and support.

Know that you are safe, you are beautifully guided and you are loved and adored simply because you exist.


A cold and wintry April’s day ❄

This weather is so much fun because we get all the four seasons each week – the changes are that big. 🤣 Today was extremely cold again but that didn’t stop us from going out to the park and play.

We had a really fun time, but it was so nice to get back home and put on warm, cozy clothes. 🌹

I hope you have had a great day as well. 🌹

💚 My green dress and lots of cozy moments 💚

I love the color green. I love all colors but there is something special about the color green. For many years I have looked for a green dress with the exact hue I love – a few weeks ago I found one. 💚 I tried it on again today since spring has finally begun here in Sweden.

I absolutely love it! 💚💚💚

We had lots of cozy and fun moments today and we spent a lot of time outside.

Before it was time to go to bed we relaxed together – such a cozy moment. They will always be my little babies. ❤

I hope you had a nice day and evening as well.

My spring jacket and more delicious food ☉

This is the first day this year that I wear my spring jacket. Feels awesome! 15 degrees celcius and a bit cloudy. Perfect weather to go shopping 😊

We had a lot of fun in Jönköping, lots of shopping, playing and just having a good time. After we went back home we had some fries at my favourite diner again. 😍

  • How are you choosing to enjoy your day?

An amazing day

Yesterday was absolutely wonderful. I had the best day ever at work and a delicious lunch date with my boyfriend

When it was almost time to go home, I got a pleasant surprise outside my office window:

My babies and my boyfriend came to pick me up. 😊

We had a lovely evening at home with lots of laughter, play and fun. I spend some time outside with my babies and then we relaxed together inside before it was time for bed.

Make time for things you enjoy and stay curious 💖

Always stay curious. Allow yourself to have a lot of fun everyday – no matter what you do during your day – always make time for things you enjoy and things that bring you pleasure.

💖 Be just like a happy little baby 💖

Live your life with the warm glow of love within. Love your life, love nature, love animals, love food, love people, love your experiences and most importantly; love yourself.

Be just like a happy little baby. Look at your body and everything else with pure joy and delight. Have fun everyday and be very playful about everything. There is nothing serious going on, you came for the ride so you might as well enjoy it.

Best day ever 🐇🐥🐣

We had the best day ever!

After our cozy morning together and a delicious lunch at home we went to Jönköping to do some shopping (for me) and lots of playing.

I bought a few delicious products from body shop:

A banana hair treatment and a shea body butter. Absolutely delicious!

Then we played a lot more before it was time for bed.

I hope your day has been amazing as well. 🐣🐥🐇

❤ To play and have fun ❤

“Follow the lead of your children. They know what they’re doing. They’ve come forth to play and to have fun, and that’s what’s meant for you too.”

Abraham Hicks

That crazy, energetic and fun time before bedtime 🤣

My babies were totally wild and crazy tonight before bedtime. They were having so much fun playing together, laughing and running around non-stop. 🤣

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