Even your nightmares are of value – they are reminders that you have to change your focus if you want to feel better ❤️

When you wake up sweating with fear from a nightmare and your heart is racing with anxiety – take a deep breath, remind yourself that nightmares tell you valuable things as well. How the nightmare played out, and especially how you felt during your nightmare, can tell you a lot about what you are focusing on during your days.

A nightmare can be a gentle reminder that it is very beneficial for you to work on your focus, your perspective of something that matters a lot to you. Unless you work on your perspective, nightmares and other reminders in the forms of more thoughts and emotions during your days regarding that topic will continue to come to you.

So, thank your body for the reminder and choose to use this reminder as a wake up call to work on changing your perspective and your focus during your days to a more optimistic, loving focus.

No matter what challenges your are faced with – feeling panic, fear and anxiety will only stress your body further 🙏 make peace with it ❤️

No matter what challenge you are faced with in your life, feeling panic, fear and anxiety about it will only stress your body further.

It is so vital and beneficial for you to make peace with it and change your perspective. And yes, it is always possible – it just takes a little time and practice.

There is value in everything that happens to you – one day you will understand and grow ❤️

The beautiful thing is, once you have made peace with it completely – it will all make sense, you will understand and see value in everything that happened as well.

“How can I think positive thoughts about cancer, sexual abuse and other awful things?”

Well, you can’t and you don’t have to 😊. Just make peace with how you feel about it. Make peace with feeling fear, make peace with feeling powerless. Make peace with feeling as you do. Your feelings are natural and normal reactions to unnatural circumstances and behavior.

Make peace with what happened to you. You can’t go back and change anything so you might as well make peace with it. It is what it is. But you can choose your perspective of it, and that will change how you feel about it. That is the key.

You are not caught in an eternal prison of doom and gloom just because you were abused – you are allowed to feel really good again ❤️

No matter how many times you have been broken and shattered into a million pieces – you will heal if you allow it.

You are not caught in an eternal prison of doom and gloom just because you were abused. Give your body the time it needs to heal. It is ok to feel good again, it is ok to feel happy and excited about life again. You are allowed to feel really good again.

Can all things be forgiven?

To forgive someone – no matter how much they hurt you – is not about that person at all but about you and how you feel. Forgiving is about making peace with what happened, making peace with the other person´s hurtful action, making peace with the powerlessness you felt in that situation and making peace with your pain, your fear and your sadness.

You don’t need to talk to the person who hurt you, you don’t need to tell him that you forgive him – just gently make peace with it in your own mind. Do it for you, as a valuable step in your own healing journey.

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