Who and where you are is perfect ❤


If you want to feel better and improve your life

Right now is all that matters – not yesterday, not last week, not last year, not your childhood – right now. What you said, did, felt and thought before this moment does not have to affect what comes next at all, unless you choose to think about it now – it is only what you are thinking, feeling, saying and doing right now that makes the difference.

If you want to feel better and improve your life – now is when to begin changing what you say, do and think.

Everything you do now affects everything that happens to you. You are 100% in charge.

Let go of all guilt and all blame – make peace with it 🕊

Forgive yourself, you are not your mistakes or your past/present failures. Let it go, it is alright. Sooth yourself into feeling some relief and make peace with what has been.

Take a deep breath and realize that each new moment is fresh and new, all that matters is this moment. You cannot go back in time and erase what you said or what you did or what happened – but you can make peace with it, let go and let it inspire you to now feel better and more empowered.

Let your past serve its purpose – make peace with it and move on!

This is so beautiful because we are always evolving into more and more deliciousness.

Everything is of value! Everything can inspire you to grow and become more of all those things you desire to be.

Let the past serve its purpose – make peace with it and eagerly move on.

How to move on from your past mistakes ❤

Make peace with your past. No matter what you did, you did the best you could from the place of awareness, knowledge and the emotional state you were in. That was then, this is now.

Let your past serve you by letting it inspire you to now focus more clearly on who you want to be, how you want to feel and how you want to act.

Everything that happens can be of beautiful value to you if you only let it. It is only a matter of perspective – and you are 100% in charge of your perspective. ❤

3 generations – 1985

This is a picture of me, almost 2 years old, my mother who was 39 years old at the time and my grandmother who had just turned 80 years old. Three generations together. I love how happy I look, I will remember this smiling baby girl ❤.

When I look at my mother I feel nothing but love and appreciation for her. I wish I could tell her and my father how much I love them and how much I value them. But I believe they felt how much I truly love them the second they passed away. Even though it has almost been two dacades since my mother died I feel closer than ever to her now. Same goes for my father who died a decade ago. ❤

A new opportunity to start again 🍀

You are not your mistakes. You are not your past. Every day is a new day, you have a beautiful new opportunity to start again and choose who you want to be.

You are not limited by your past or present experiences

Your hardest and most darkest of times are actually of great value. It high lights your awareness of what you do want and it brings clarity to how you want your life to play out.

Anything you desire can be yours, but you have to let go of the pain, the hurt and the injustice. Let it serve its value by sharpening your focus on what you do want and how you want to feel. Magic happens when you allow yourself to grow and strenghten because of the experiences you had, just like the seed that lets the dark soil nurish it and inspire it to grow into a beautiful flower or a magnificent tree. You are not limited by your past or current experiences! There is so much deliciousness to be experienced beyond this. Allow yourself to grow and prosper.

You are not your circumstances – you are who you choose to be

Your past does not have to affect your future

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