The best part of this day

Today has been amazing. A couple of days ago there was snow everywhere and freezing cold – then bam – today we had over 20 degrees celcius, warm winds, clear blue sky and lovely sunshine. Such a cool and sudden shift – litterally over night.

We spent almost the entire day playing outside, so both my babies were reallt tired after their evening bath.

It was super easy to put them to bed, just like always. Now I am enjoying the absolute best part of my day, my solitude.

Tomorrow I will go back to work again after 10 days of Easter Holiday. It will be alright, but I already look forward to the next holiday so I can spend lots more time with my babies.

  • What was the best part of your day?

Time for “fredagsmys” 🐣🐥🐇

I have had a great day at work. I went out with a co-worker for lunch.

But the best part was going up to the day care center and pick up my babies ❤.

The weather is really nice today, the sun is shining and the snow is slowly starting to melt.

When we got home we changed into comfortable clothes and had some ice cream.

Then we played for a while before it was time for dinner. Tonight we had hamburgers and fries – typical Swedish “Fredagsmys” 🤣.

  • What was the best part about your day?

Fever – my turn ❤

All night I had a high fever, my baby girl too. She slept beside me but woke up really sad once every hour so we did not sleep much at all tonight. I went to work anyway but it feels like relief to finally come home.

We are resting a little in bed right now, my baby girl fell asleep on my arm.

I feel completely worn out by the fever so I am really happy I will spend tomorrow at home with my two babies. Hopefully we all feel better by Thursday. ❤❤❤

My joy, my love, my life ❤❤❤

I have had the best day and best evening ever. I feel so good. I love my two little babies so much. ❤❤❤

Tonight after I had put them to bed I looked at some of the earlier pictures I took of them:

They are my joy, my love, my life. ❤❤❤ I will forever feel blessed for having them in my life. Being pregnant 9 months with my baby girl and then 9 months with my baby boy – magical months of love and eager anticipation. But I could never even have begun to realize how much I would love my babies – it is incredible. They are my everything. ❤❤❤

My angels ❤❤

It is fun to be needed and loved but even better to be alone

It has been one of those days when I have had things going on, non-stop. It feels awesome that so many people come to me at work and want my guidance, and it feels even better to be so needed and loved by my two little babies at home – but I sure look forward to spending a few quiet hours alone tonight when my babies are sleeping.

A cozy weekend ❤

My two angels ❤❤

We are spending today at home, my baby girl is still not feeling well. ❤ I love them both so much ❤

Follow the joyful little ones ❤

My ❤❤

I love my two little babies more and more each second. ❤❤

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