Love, respect, support and compassion – it all starts with you ❤


Profound – it is never what they think about you that causes your discord

People will hate you, people will love you. How they feel about you and what they think about you need never ever affect you. They cannot cause you to feel anything, only YOU can. What YOU choose to think about what they think, say and do is what causes YOU to FEEL good or bad.

Stop using them, their words, action and thoughts as YOUR EXCUSE to feel this way or that way! Take YOUR POWER BACK by realising YOU are the only one in control of how you feel because YOU are the only thinker in your mind and what you CHOOSE TO THINK will affect not only how you feel but everything that happens to you. That is how powerful YOU are.

Celebrate being who you are, curves and all ❤

I love the female body – everything about it is beautiful, sensual and magical. I choose to celebrate me, for being who I choose to be. I love my curves and I choose to feel love for everything that I am.

Please stop beating up on yourself and start liking yourself, as you are! I spent over 20 years hating myself and hating my body – it was not until I was 24 years old that I BEGAN improving how I felt about myself. But I succeeded in improving the way I viewed myself. 

Here I am today, 10 years later, and I feel more at peace with myself and more confident than I have ever felt before. I learned to let go of guilt, blame and criticism and learned to find love for myself. True love, unconditional love. That is where I found unconditional happiness, empowerment and freedom as well. 

A great reminder when you feel judged

Let this go and be free!

What society thinks of you

Set yourself free! Stop caring about what they think! What they think has nothing to do with you anyway, it is simply just a reflection of their own inner resisting or allowing.

What you think about yourself, what you think about them – what YOU think – is what is relevant! When you think thoughts that are filled with love, appreciation and joy, then you are allowing yourself to be who you truly are. 

When you appreciate them – even if they are disapproving of you – now you have set yourself free! It never was about their perspective – it was about your perspective. When you truly love yourself, you see the best not only in yourself but in everyone else as well. 


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