Your past made you who you are today but your NOW is even more valuable ðŸ’–

Your past is of value because it made you who you are today. But your NOW is even more valuable because you can choose to NOW let go of all hurt, all pain and all feelings of being a victim, you can let go of all guilt, all blame, all resentment and all insecurity and begin to replace those emotions and thoughts with hope, optimism, self-love, kindness, respect and appreciation.

NOW is the only time when you can change. No one else can do it for you, only you. Choose to let the success stories of others inspire you, and begin right now. One small though at a time, be gente, kind and loving toward yourself in the process.


The key is to be yourself â¤

Where you are is perfect and it will always improve if you let it â¤

You are where you are right now so you might as well make peace with it. Make peace with where you are and what has happened and realize how very perfect this place actually is for you. This is only a place where you are right now but you are eternally on your way to more.

This is a journey and you are where you are but since it is a journey you are moving. How you choose to view your now, determines if you move towards more things you desire or away from them.

Your attitude, your perspective and the focus you choose is what makes all the difference in what you allow to come next. You are in charge, right here, right now.

A great reminder â¤

When they hate and dissaprove of you 

When other people criticise you and point out your flaws – don’t let it bring you down!

What others choose to see in you is always more about them than you. How they view you, their opinions of you and how they feel about you depends on their own beliefs, expectations, desires and mood. 

You can always choose to see the best in others, you can always choose to focus on the possibilities, the solutions and the desired outcome. You don’t have to hight-light mistakes or things you dislike – you can use those as INSPIRATION to FOCUS on what you now know you PREFER and DESIRE as a result of this experience, and you can talk about that instead.

Criticism and negativity is a choice. So is appreciation and positivity. The focus you choose to use most will become easier to use again – but it is a matter of choice and YOU can choose to focus on yourself and others through the loving eyes of appreciation instead, whether they do or not. 💖

Love yourself, as you are – right now â¤

You don’t have to pretend to feel good! â¤

You are good enough! You do not have to pretend to feel good, it is ok to feel anger, rage, frustration and sadness. All emotions are part of the human experience and of course it feels better to feel positive emotions but you are not bad or wrong because you feel bad! 

Be easier on yourself, relax and distract yourself for a while. Make peace with your negative emotions and allow yourself to find some relief.

All doom and gloom? (Of course not!)

It doesn’t have to be right or wrong, black or white. Perhaps you did something you regret but it doesn’t make you a bad person! You did the best you could from the perspective and awareness you had in that moment. It is alright! 

The best thing you can do now is to forgive yourself. Pracice being kind, gentle and loving toward yourself, no matter what you have done in your past. Treat yourself like somebody you really like and be patient with yourself. 

Even if there are 99 awful, unwanted things in your life and only 1 thing you kind of like – give most of your attention to the 1 thing that feels good to you. ❤ The more you practice making the best of everything, the better life will be for you. 

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