Your guiding light that will lead you to a meaningful, exciting and satisfying life

You don’t have to like what other people like in order to live a fulfilling, satisfying life. You have all the answers within you – listen to what calls you.

We cannot compare our lives by the standards or expectations set by society – find your own standards and expectations that give your life meaning and satisfaction. Your desires are yours. Not mine, not your mother’s, not your best friend’s and not society’s. Your joy, your passion, your desire. That is your guiding light that will lead you to a meaningful, exciting and satisfying life.


Stress and any other negative emotions are wonderful reminders ๐Ÿ™

A gentle reminder for today: go slower and breathe more deeply. Stop a few times every now and then to just close your eyes, put your hand on your chest and feel how strong and peaceful your heart beats.

Relax. Stop making such a big hairy deal out of everything. So, people gossip about you? Let them. So, your body is sick and you feel confined by it? Make peace with it. Make peace with where ever you are, no matter how seemingly “bad” it is. Just make peace with what ever it is you have to deal with, breathe more intentionally and allow yourself to go slower.

Stress and any other negative emotion is a wonderful reminder to you that you have forgotten what truly matters in life. What truly matters is not the money, not your work, not your schedule, not your face, not your body’s, condition… Not any of those things you worry about matter more than how you feel. And how you feel has to be unconditional. You can choose to feel fearful or hopeful relative to the situation you are faced with, and when you choose a more light-hearted hopeful perspective – you have figured out how to let the situation improve.

You are allowed to shine as bright as you desire to ๐ŸŒŸ

Take your time, allow yourself to blossom into the most beautiful, strong and happy version of yourself. You decide who you want to be. You decide how you want to feel. This is your life, you are allowed to shine as bright as you desire to.

Everything we do, say and think builds up who we are – who are you choosing to be?

You can be the happy person you desire to be, even in the midst of a negative situation when you are surrounded by negative people. How they feel and what is happening need not affect how you feel, unless you choose to make it a part of your story.

Everything we do, say and think builds up who we are and the story we take part of. Do you want to be happy or sad? A complainer or an appreciator? A judge or a forgiver? A negative person who sees flaws in everything, or a positive person who chooses to see the good in everyone and everything?

Don’t just mindlessly follow the paths in life that others choose, don’t just look around and react to everything you see – be selective! Let your guiding star be how you want to feel and choose actions, thoughts and words that supports the happy, confident, free, positive, loving, caring and forgiving person that you truly want to be.

Honor yourself and the choices you have made – rest in the truth

There are so many people in the world who think they know what is best for you โ€“ but they donยดt. Only you can know that. It is so easy to say โ€Just follow your heartโ€ but what does it actually mean?

First off, no one except you knows what you have been through. No one except you knows how bad you have felt. No one except you knows how scared you have been and how alone you have felt. Only you. So why would you ever let them and their opinions bother you, when they truly know nothing about what happened to you?

In order to โ€follow your heartโ€ you have to turn down the noice from everyone around you and listen inwards. How do you feel? What brings you relief in this situation? You know the truth, so honor yourself and the choices you have made – even though the choices you made were hard.

Life is not always easy, but everything that happens to you can actually be an opportunity for you to grow and become even stronger as a person, no matter how hard it temporarily might seem. This too shall pass, and it will.

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