How to stop the judgement and hatred we have for others ❤


Your perspective, your life – no judgement ❤

No more judgments or disapproval ❤

Free yourself from the opinions, beliefs, expectations and judgments of others. Let it all go and enjoy the sweet relief in living and enjoying life in ways that please you.

Let them call you bad – allow yourself to blossom

You are not bad or wrong – you are you. Unique, loved and worthy of all things you desire.

We are all unique and we are not supposed to be colorless copies of someone else – listen to what calls you, what makes your heart sing and follow the paths that feel good to you.

They don’t know what is right or wrong for you – only you can know that. Your desires, beliefs and preferences are unique to you and therfore your choices will be unique to you.

Let others choose as they see fit for themselves. Allow them to have the desires, belief and preferences they have. But most importantly: let yourself choose what calls you the most and listen to your own desires. This is your life, choose to live it in ways that fulfill you.

When they disagree with you

Do they disagree with you? Great! We are all entitled to our own perspectives, our own beliefs, our own desires, our own preferences and our own opinions.

They don’t have to agree with you or what you do – and you don’t have to agree with them or what they do. We are all loved and adored unconditionally – just because we exist.

We are all all unique and we are all unique in our perspectives aswell. You don’t have to agree with someone in order to be kind and respectful. You don’t have to agree with someone in order to love them either.

Never mind if they don’t respect you – someone has to start from an allowing place of unconditional love, and it might aswell be you.

Reclaim your happiness – stop being a people pleaser

The love and approval you seek 🌼

It is ok for you to withdraw from the chatter around you and sooth yourself back into relief. 

Sometimes the best clairity is found when you quiet your mind and allow yourself to relax in your solitude. You are valuable and unique, and the love and approval you seek does not come from external sources, it comes from within. Withdraw for a while to find your balance again. ❤

Work on loving yourself no matter what they think of you ❤

There will always be those who dislike you and disapprove of what you do. There will always be those who like you and approve of what you do. How others feel about you is always about the perspective, beliefs and opinions THEY hold. It is not really about you. 

Don’t let your mood, your worth, your confidence or how you feel about yourself and your life be dependant on something as fickle as other people’s opinions of you! That leaves yoy conpletely without power! Take your power back by starting to value yourself, unconditionally. Start liking  yourself and honoring what feels better to you. Listen to your inner guidance and follow your own bliss. Allow others to like you and dislike you, approve of you and dissaprove of you – while you work on loving yourself no matter what they think of you. ❤

You are beautiful, loved and worthy of all things you desire! I believe in you


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