The most healing thing you could ever do πŸŒ±

The most healing thing you could ever do is to be yourself. It sounds so easy and so freeing – and it is! You don’t have to adjust or change your ways in order to fit in, and you don’t have to be someone else in order to be liked. You, in all your unique colors, are already loved and adored by all that is, no matter what you do, no matter what you look like or what ever happens. There is only love for you. But in order for you to let this love and healing in, you have to allow yourself to be yourself.

You don’t get sick from being negative, you don’t get sick from your negative thinking – you disallow the love and healing that is natural when you don’t love yourself, as you are. Beginning to love yourself and being yourself is the most beautiful and healing thing you could ever do for yourself. πŸ™


It is not your job – ever – to make others feel better, it is their own job πŸ™πŸŒΉ

Your journey is yours to make. You cannot help and support those around you while your heart and soul is aching and in need of love and support. Focus on your own healing first and foremost, your wellbeing matters most. It is not – ever – your job to constantly make others feel better, it is their own job. πŸ™

Even if no one cares about you – you are loved and adored πŸŒΉ

When no one cares about you, learn to care about yourself 🌹. You value does not depend on how many people that love or adore youyou are just as loved, valued and important if no one cares about you as you are if several billions of people care about you. πŸ™ You are loved and adored simply because you exist. You have nothing to prove, you have no expectations to live up to – you are loved simply because you exist. πŸ™

You are already everything you need to be πŸ™

Love yourself as you are, not as others want you to be. πŸ™

A true friend by your side is just a bonus – you can do this on your own πŸ™

Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

Oprah Winfrey

Difficult times let you know who your real friends are. This is actually a beautiful part of the dark times you are going through. It is time for you to stop caring so much about people who don’t really care about you – just let them go and look towards where you are going instead. πŸ™

True friends do not leave your side when you are hurting. True friends wipe your tears away and hold nothing but love in their heart for you when you have shattered into a million pieces. If you are blessed to have just one true friend in your life, you are indeed very lucky. However, the one best friend in your life that will always be there for you – no matter what – has to be YOU. Your own love, support and approval matters more than anything else and is enough to get you through anything. A friend by your side is just a beautiful bonus. πŸ™

If you are attracted to their praise, their criticism will kill you – break free from that disempowering trap πŸ™

“The biggest challenge is to not be affected by praise because a lot of it is not from the heart. Being true to yourself about your strengths and weaknesses, when everyone out there has a strong opinion and wants to give advice, is another challenge.”

Tena Desae

A lot of people will love you, and a lot of people will hate you – and how they feel about you has nothing to do with how you look, what you do, how you are as a person or your worth. How they feel about you is a reflection of their own perspective, their own happiness and their own bitterness.

People mean well, people are kind and appreciative – and it can feel amazing to get someone’s approval and love, just like it can feel awful when someone gives you their disapproval or hatred. When you are easily affected by how others feel about you, it is usually the result of your insecurity, and it gives all your power awayif you are attracted to their praise, their criticism will kill you. Never let how others feel about you be your guidance for how you feel about yourself! Instead, stop caring about what others say, think and how they feel about you. That is the important first step, and it takes time and practice. Then start to find your own stability, find your own value and grow your own love and approval for yourself.

When you stand strong in your own acceptance, approval and unconditional love, you will not be so easily affected by their beautiful words of appreciation or their disapproval any more. That is strenght, that is freedom. πŸ™

Be who you want to be, the right people will come to you – and stay