Let yourself be who you desire to be (=who you truly are!)


A different path in lifeĀ 

Your chosen path in life might look completely different compared to someone else’s path in life – and that is wonderful! You cannot compare your choices or your paths in life with anyone else because everyone has unique beliefs, unique desires, unique intersets, unique expectations… and all the unique things affect how you feel about the different choices in life. Only YOU can tell whether your life, your path and your everyday choices are of value to you because only you know how those choices FEEL to you. And those choices will feel very different depending on all of those unique elements listed above.

Let go of needing others approval, let go of trying to fit in, let go of overriding your own inner guidance with outer guidance that people around you think you should listen to. Listen inward. Feel what feels better to you and trust that inner calling. If it FEELS GOOD TO YOU, it is GOOD FOR YOU.