Profound – it is never what they think about you that causes your discord

People will hate you, people will love you. How they feel about you and what they think about you need never ever affect you. They cannot cause you to feel anything, only YOU can. What YOU choose to think about what they think, say and do is what causes YOU to FEEL good or bad.

Stop using them, their words, action and thoughts as YOUR EXCUSE to feel this way or that way! Take YOUR POWER BACK by realising YOU are the only one in control of how you feel because YOU are the only thinker in your mind and what you CHOOSE TO THINK will affect not only how you feel but everything that happens to you. That is how powerful YOU are.


When you feel utterly pissed off

You can turn your anger into positive energy! Use the rush of energy to refocus on something that matters more to you.

Don’t let his behaviour be your reason to beat up on yourself – allow him to be as he chooses to be. Focus your energy on yourself, what you desire and how you want to feel.

Anger is good! Anger means you have a strong desire about something and you are currently looking in opposition of how you want it to be. Use this opportunity to refocus and let the anger wash away by replacing it with clear focus.

Addiction – the true cause?

Rise up! You are not a victim – claim your own power!

No matter what people have said about you and to you – their hurtful words only reflect their own inner resistance. Don’t buy into THEIR lackful thinking – walk away and choose a more allowing perspective.

Look at them through the knowledge that everyone does the best they can given their own understanding of life at that time. Let them be and put all your loving energy on being loving, caring and uplifting to yourself. 

When you feel strong, stable and secure in your own self love – other people’s opinions will feel just like a gentle wind blowing by. Nothing that affects you.

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