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Let go of your self-imposed bondage and be free ๐Ÿ’–

Time for change ๐Ÿ’–

When unwanted things are happening to you 24/7 – break the negative spell

It is so easy to just look around and react to what you are hearing, seeing and experiencing. But there is no power in that – true power lies in first choosing how you want to feel, unconditionally.

It is possible but it takes a little practice. It is easy to freak out when unwanted things are happening to you 24/7 – but someone has to break that negative spell and that someone is you. And you don’t do it by demanding the other person to change or the circumstances to go away – you do it by first choosing how you want to feel and make that feeling unconditional.

Listen with love today โค

It is not your job to fix everything for everyone else. When they come to you with their problems and difficult situations – just listen with love.

In your mind you can think about how much they mean to you and how much you want their situation to clear up in the most beautiful way. Keep thinking about how you want them to feel and if the timing is right, you will be inspired to speak and what you say will be benefical for them.

Don’t rush, just listen with love and think about how you want them to feel and what you want them to experience. ๐ŸŒน

A meeting with a light-hearted ray of sunshine and a grumpy old toad ๐Ÿคฃ

When I am at a meeting it is fun to see how each person’s emotional balance is reflected accurately in the way that person looks, talks and acts. I am very sensitive to such things, I can sense a person’s mood and attitude very quickly.

This afternoon I was at a big meeting with lots of different people and one of them had such a beautiful, easy-going and joyful attitude – everything he said just made me smile. It was so much fun just to listen to this person and it was easy to feel this was a happy and empowered person.

The woman sitting next to him was a completely different story – her eyes, her face and her entire body radiated anger, irritation and grumpiness. Every word she spoke was a part of a complaint. I had to stop myself from smiling and I almost laughed out loud a few times because she was just like a subborn, grumpy little baby – who couldn’t see the good-feeling aspects, the value, the benefits and the solutions that were right in front of her.

Your attitude unlocks new perspectives or blocks you from seeing them. And you are 100% in charge of your attitude.

One of my favourite quotes โค

๐ŸŒŸ Nothing hightens your potential for success as much as failure ๐ŸŒŸ

You are a diamond in the making, don’t give up! All these negative experiences can actually be blessings in disguise! Nothing hightens your potential for success as much as failure – nothing hightens your potential for happiness as much as sadness. It is all valuable. โค

“How do I feel better when everything sucks and I feel awful?!” โค

“And so you say, โ€œHow do I do it?โ€ You do it by sayingโ€ฆ

โ€œItโ€™s alright. Iโ€™m just fine. All is well. There, there. Everything is alright. Perfect place. Perfect time. This is Who-I-Am. I was born to be here. I am on my path. This is the trajectory of Who-I-Am. Iโ€™m Pure Positive Energy. Everything is just right. I could not be doing it better. Iโ€™m following inspiration. Iโ€™m getting better at that all the time. Pure Positive Energy surrounds me. I am adored. This environment that surrounds me inspires me to more. Iโ€™m constantly achieving it. I never get it done. I canโ€™t get it wrong. All is really well with me. I feel good so much of the time. Pure Positive Energy surrounds me. All is well. Itโ€™s alright. Itโ€™s alright. Everything is alright. Iโ€™m doing just fine. Iโ€™m doing really good. Source adores me. I feel the inspiration all the time. Ideas are flowing. I receive the ideas. I get inspiration. Sometimes I donโ€™t feel like doing something. Thatโ€™s inspiration too. Sometimes I want rest. Thatโ€™s inspiration too. Sometimes there is more resistance than I can overcome. Thatโ€™s alright. It will return. Thereโ€™s an ebb and flow in all of this. Sometimes I have more resistance. I know it. I feel it. Sometimes I have less resistance. I know it. I feel it. Everything is working out just fine. Iโ€™ve put it in the Vortex. It is inevitable. My well-being is assured. Iโ€™m supposed to be having fun here. Life is supposed to be fun. My Inner Being is delighting in the life that I have carved out. It is time for me to delight in the life that Iโ€™ve carved out.โ€

In other words, itโ€™s just talking to yourself like that. No specific terms. Just general terms.”

Abraham Hicks

The one you judge most harshly is usually yourself – how to be more unconditionally loving โค

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