Stuck in their own miserable way of thinking – they cannot hear your soothing words

Sometimes people (myself included) get so stuck in their own miserable way of thinking that they cannot even hear you when you try to sooth them into feeling better. They just keep asking the same old questions again and again, the words may be dressed differently but the core beliefs still shine through as bright as the full moon on a clear winter’s night.

No matter how many times and in how many ways you try to sooth them into feeling relief, they will not hear you. When they are so stuck in their own negative thinking they are not asking for your opinion or for a solution – even if they say they are wanting that – they are looking for confirmation and validation of their own misery. 

But don’t worry! This too shall pass, even for them. You are just not the path for them to take, right now. Don’t blame it on yourself if they cannot be soothed. Keep being the loving, caring being you are and know that they have all the guidance they will ever need within themselves. All they have to do is calm down, relax and be willing to let go of their own destructive thinking. One step at the time. Change starts within.


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Free yourself 

Sometimes you get caught up in a way of thinking that does not serve you. Now is the time to free yourself from that unwanted bondage. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and acknowledge that you are the most important character in your life. You might love and adore many other people but you have to give yourself love and adoration too! You have to make yourself and what feels good to you a priority! 

Let go of all responsibilities as you relax and breathe. What truly matters in life is not what your boss wants you to do, or what your partner expects of you or even the requests from your children. What truly matters is how you feel (and if you feel good then you are of most value to EVERYONE around you as well). 

Start tending to your own emotional balance. Give yourself the love you so easily flow to others – you are worthy of your own love and affection! Life is for you. You are life.

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