🌟 You are the personification of source 🌟


Love yourself unconditionally and choose to live from a place of joy ❤

There is no judgement ❤

When you feel anxiety, fear or anger:

❤ The key to everything ❤

Never judge yourself for feeling anger ❤

💖 Yes! Love being YOU! 💖

This is your life, you are the main character in your story! You deserve your own love and affection and you are LOVED and ADORED simply because you exist.

You are a magnificent being, you are beautiful, talented and worthy of all things you desire. Embrace this unconditional love and adoration that flows to you and through you and radiates from you at every moment of your life. There is nothing you can do that would stop this love from flowing – nothing. However, you pinch yourself off from the love that is flowing when you condemn yourself or something else around you.

To be open to the love that flows you need to relax and enjoy life in all its colors. Look for what you like in everyone and everything you meet – including yourself. 💖

Listen with love to your body’s messages ❤

No matter what the physical symptons might be – your body is trying to tell you something. Don’t hide, hate or despair. Listen with love. How does this physical symptom make you feel? What thoughts have you been feeling on a consistent basis that match that emotional state?

It is time to improve your thinking, clear your mind of all the worry, irritation, frustration, anger, pessimism and insecurity. Clear it all out. Start fresh and new. Choose thoughts and words that reflect how you want to feel. Stop regurgitating how it is or how it was! Be selective! Start talking about what went right, what felt good, what you enjoyed and what you look forward to. 🌱

How good do you want your life to be?

What brought her back from the brink of death:

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