When they say “you can’t do that”


🌸 Say no more often – valuable attention, benefical work and satisfying love ðŸŒ¸

Don’t do things that feel off to you – don’t just smile and say yes when every inch of your being wants to scream no! Say no and walk away! Honor yourself, care about what matters to you. Listen with love to your body’s messages – if it feels off, it is off.

There is no value in forcing yourself just to please othersstart being real, listen to your inner guidance and follow what feels better to you.

The attention, work and love you give from a place of feeling good and honoring yourself, that is valuable attention, benefical work and satisfying love.

Trying to take cute selfies when you have kids ðŸ’–

My babies are so cute! Today they have been all around me the entire day. I was going to send two pictures of what I was wearing during the day to a friend – but my cute little babies did not want to be left out. 💖💖💖

Peace, love and satisfaction begins within â¤

Today I choose to embrace my inner peace completely. I feel calm, at peace and relaxed. I am surrounded by loving energy and I am safe.

Every step I take today, every word I speak and every thought I think will be radiating peace and love.

I am satisfied with my life, my past, my present and my future. I know that everything happens for a reason and I can choose how I will react – I can shape my future with the mindset I choose to have. Peace, love and satisfaction begins within, begins with me. ❤

Are you making the best out of what has been given to you? â¤

As the day comes to an end and it is time to go to sleep… how do you feel about yourself and your life? Are you happy? Are you living your life in ways that please you? Are you making the best out of what has been given to you? Are you enjoying your days? Are you having fun?

This is your life, make the most out of it. Don’t wait or hold back – live your life now. Live each day with love and a child-like joy in your heart.

What if today was your very last day of this life time? Would you be satisfied with how you enjoyed your day?

Be even more eager to enjoy your days! Have more fun, be more playful, enjoy more and love more! ❤

💖 Yes! Love being YOU! ðŸ’–

This is your life, you are the main character in your story! You deserve your own love and affection and you are LOVED and ADORED simply because you exist.

You are a magnificent being, you are beautiful, talented and worthy of all things you desire. Embrace this unconditional love and adoration that flows to you and through you and radiates from you at every moment of your life. There is nothing you can do that would stop this love from flowing – nothing. However, you pinch yourself off from the love that is flowing when you condemn yourself or something else around you.

To be open to the love that flows you need to relax and enjoy life in all its colors. Look for what you like in everyone and everything you meet – including yourself. 💖

The one thing that hurt me the most and ripped me apart â¤

It was not the sexual abuse, it was not the physical abuse, it was not the mental abuse, it was not the eating disorders, it was not the bullying, it was not the loneliness, it was not my alcoholic parents, it was not the deaths of my parents… or any of the other things that happened to me.

I was the one who let the opinions of others affect my opinion of me, which ripped me apart.

And I was the one who decided to start liking myself again.

No matter what – YOU – have all the power you will ever need within. ❤

A great reminder when you feel judged

Turn everything off for a moment

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