Even the storm is of beautiful value πŸ™

There is beauty even in the storm. The rain will nourish the ground and nature will thrive because of it.


Never let how others treat you be the reason for your self love or your self hatred πŸŒΉ

Even if you have to stand alone, remember that you are loved and adored simply because you exist. Never let how others treat you be the reason for your self love or self hatred – decide that you will love yourself no matter what you encounter, no matter how people treat you, no matter what mistakes you make or how many failures you might go through – how you feel about yourself matters billions of times more than anything else. How you feel about yourself affects every single outcome of everything that happens to you – if you want to change your life, if you want the improvements you desire, begin by learning to love yourself unconditionally.

Your storm will pass and the sun will shine once again πŸ™

The storm will pass, the wind will settle and the sun will shine once again. Don’t mind the temporary rain – rest and recharge your energy and bloom even brighter when the sun comes back. πŸ™

Your greatest weekness can turn into your greatest strength πŸŒ±

You are not limited by your past experiences or held back by your mistakes – use it all as your inspiration to grow and blossom into everything you desire to be.

Everything that happens to you can be of value, your greatest weekness can turn into your greatest strength.

There is value in failure and there is potential in a mistake πŸŒ±

Everything that happens to you that you don’t want to experience can turn into valuable gifts. You grow as a person when you are challenged, you become stronger when you face difficulties and the potential for a happier life is even greater once you have experienced heartbreaking sadness.

Never give up, no matter how hopeless and hard it might seem at the moment. You can get through this, and you will not only survive but you will thrive because of it – if you choose to change your perception of the difficulties. You did not choose this to happen to you, however – you can choose how you react and respond to it now and that will make all the difference. πŸ’

Tragedy in life can inspire you to find your inner strenght πŸŒ±

When we meet real tragedy in life, we can react in two ways – either by losing hope and falling into self-destructive habits, or by using the challenge to find our inner strength. Thanks to the teachings of Buddha, I have been able to take this second way.”

Dalai lama

What happened to you might have brought you to your knees, it might have left you in deep despair and you could even feel so broken you just want to give up. But you have a choice. The most important choice you will ever make. Will you let this be the end of you, the end of all your dreams, desires and even the end of who you truly are? Or, will you let this be your solid foundation on which you stand while finding your inner strenght once and for all?

There is always hope, there is always love, there is always happiness, there is always strenght – there is always a choice.

Your secret desires tell you valuable things about yourself

Do you know what you truly desire in life? Listen to your heart and follow your bliss.

Your preferences in life are unique to you, as are your desires, beliefs and expectations. There is not another person on the planet who thinks, feels, desires and expects as you do. You have to listen to your own calling to live out your own dreams in life.

What gives you the greatest happiness, excitement and satisfaction in life? What things do you feel most drawn to? Your idea of a fullfilling life, what does that mean to you? These are personal questions, you have to listen inwards for your answeryou have the answer in your heart, listen to it and follow your joy, your passion and your desire.

How much you enjoy your life is up to you – life wants to be insanely good to you πŸ’ž

Never cease to look at everything in life with the curious eyes of a little baby. There is so much kindness, love, joy and fun in the world – everywhere – and you will begin to experience it fully once you look at the world through loving eyes.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder just as love, joy, passion, desire – and every other positive emotion as well – is an inside job. It is a matter of perception and attitude.

How much you enjoy your life – no matter the circumstances – is 100% up to you, and life wants to be insanely good to you. πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ’ž

Give your mind and body some sweet relief today πŸŒ±πŸ™

Give yourself some mental and emotional relief today. Take time to close your eyes, quiet your mind and just breathe. A moment in this relaxed state will give your mind and body the gentle break it needs. Do it a few times through out your day. Just do it 10 seconds each time if it is the first time you practice quieting your mind. 10 seconds of quieting your mind is such a beautiful sweet relief for your mind and body, and so valuable. πŸ™

I finally give up πŸ™

“I want to announce to everything and everyone who exists that I here now proclaim my determination to release my resistance once and for all.

I give up. I give up, I give up, I give up. I give up my control of the uncontrollable. I give up my determination to make things better for others.

I give up my attention to things that bother me. I give up my trying so hard. I give up my struggle. I give up my confounding confusion. I give up my excuse for negative emotion.

I am giving up my excuses. I am giving up my statements of what is not working. I give up.

Abraham Hicks

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