My body, mind and soul desire you more and more each second


❤ There is only one man who can make me feel like this ❤

Live your life in ways that please you ❤

You don’t need anyone else to love you in order for you to feel loved! No one else can give you the missing piece you are looking for – no one can give you the true feelings of bliss, happiness, love and satisfaction unless you first find it within yourself. ❤

A teacher? A mother? A lover? A fitness model? A writer? – You only have one job

No matter where you are, what you do or who you are with – the most important thing is that you feel good. Your number one priority, no matter the circumstances, is to sooth yourself into feeling relief. That is where all positive progress comes from – finding emotional relief first. Once you have done that you will be open and receptive to the improvements, solutions and ideas that will lead you to your desired outcomes.

My body craves your desirefilled gaze

My body trembles when I hear your name… I feel a burning, delicious sensation within me as the thought of you enters my mind… my body craves your desirefilled gaze… your eager, rough hands caressing every inch of my skin… I want you to crave me… desire me… want me… need me… like I desire you… nothing can satisfy my insatiable thirst for more other than you… and yet I always want more…

Nothing in this world can satisfy me as much as the mere thought of you

As I lay awake at night it is your hungry eyes I long to see… it is your desirefilled embrace I crave…

I want to hear your delicious voice say how much you adore my body… I want to feel how much you want to touch me and kiss me… I want your strong hands all over my body, and I want to see you yearning for more and more…

My passion, my lust and my desire for you grows stronger and more intense with each passing moment. Nothing in this world can satisfy me as much as the mere thought of you…

You are my perfect soulmate

This pleasurefilled attraction is insanely strong

Every second of my day, you caress my mind… I crave you, I desire you, my entire body longs for your touch…

There is no rest for my ever increasing lust… even in my dreams you are everywhere…

This pleasurefilled attraction is insanely strong and I am drawn to you like the ocean wave to the shore… again and again and again…

Your strong, craving hands on every inch of my skin ❤

With every touch you give, I crave you more and more… your lips gives such pleasure my entire body trembles with pleasure … just to see your beautiful eyes loving my body gives me satisfaction beyond anything I have ever felt before… your strong and craving hands on every inch of my skin is all I feel when I close my eyes… you are the only one in my heart, in my mind, in my dreams and in my deepest desires.

Your voice caresses my skin and leaves me yearning for more ❤

My entire body aches for your touch… I long to look into your beautiful eyes and see your eager desire for more… Your voice caresses my skin and leaves me yearning for more… I want to feel your hands all over my body… I want to taste your delicious lips again, and again and again… my desire for you gets stronger and more passionate with each passing moment… in my mind and my heart, there is only you.

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