❤ My heart, my soul – my everything ❤

I love my two babies more and more each second. ❤❤❤


An awesome day at work

I have had the best day ever at work. I had so much fun with my magnificent students, they are so much fun to work with.

I forgot my lunch but my boyfriend came and surprised me at work with my favourite burger and fries.

It was a really productive day at work, I got so much done and everything just worked out so easily. But the best part was of course when it was time for me to go home 😊.

I wore my winter boots again because it is insanely cold here for being almost May. But I still use my spring jacket so it is just an insanely cold spring. 😊

  • What did you enjoy most about your day? 🌸

A sunny Friday 🌞

I left work a bit earlier today, just to get a few minutes alone at home before I went to pick up my babies at the day care center. I had the cozy company of my cats. 😊

When we got home we decided to play outside for a while since the weather was really sunny and warm.

When my boyfriend comes home later tonight he will have bought some fries for us, from my favourite diner. Such a lovely treat.

  • I hope you have had a great day as well.

Best afternoon/evening ever ❤

I have had the best afternoon/evening ever! First I did a lot of shopping – a lot!

Lots of new beautiful clothes. I think I bought 6 new dresses and somewhere around 10-15 new tops. 😍

Then I met my friend and we went to my favourite diner.

And after that we went to the cinema to see “Red Sparrow”.

Perfect evening. ❤❤❤

Totally ready for shopping, dinner and a movie tonight 🌸

The glorious rainy weather continues and I am loving it!!! Today I will spend the first half of the day at home taking care of my babies and later on I will go shopping, eat a delicious dinner and go to the cinema with a friend. It will be so cozy! I am thinking about wearing one of my coziest, dark blue dresses tonight:

It perfectly matches my cozy mood in this glorious rain, it is really comfortable and to top it off, dark blue always brings out the strawberry-blonde look of my hair. Loving it. ❤

  • How will you spend your day?

Awesome cars

Today we went into town to check out some really nice cars.

The perfect afternoon 🐣🐥🐇

Mud cake, tacos and lots of fun 💖

Today has been an awesome day. I had the best day ever, I love working with my students! Best job ever. I also had mud cake (chocolate cake) for lunch which made my day even better. 😊

Then I picked up my babies and we went home to make some tacos together.

It was absolutely delicious! After dinner we played a lot and had so much fun together.

Now I have just put my babies to bed and I will enjoy the evening all by myself. My bodyfriend is in Stockholm tonight, he is visiting some friends. He will be back tomorrow evening again. I am going to enjoy this evening – I love my solitude. 💖💖💖

I hope you have had a great day as well. Remember to be kind to yourself. 🌹

🌻 Your path and your choices are unique to you 🌻

Follow your heart and walk your own path. We are all unique and different in our beliefs and desires about life, therfore your path and your choices are unique to you.

We are not supposed to all live the same way, to choose the same things and to like the same things – and that is the best part of life! Listen to what feels right and good to you, let that be your guiding light and lovingly allow others to follow their own calling as well.

💖 Be just like a happy little baby 💖

Live your life with the warm glow of love within. Love your life, love nature, love animals, love food, love people, love your experiences and most importantly; love yourself.

Be just like a happy little baby. Look at your body and everything else with pure joy and delight. Have fun everyday and be very playful about everything. There is nothing serious going on, you came for the ride so you might as well enjoy it.

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