Eat more chocolate ❤


Look for fun, pleasure and satisfaction in everything that you do

Make today a day where you choose to do things that feel good to you. Eat what you feel most drawn to and allow yourself to fully enjoy it. Listen to what brings you relief and do the things that feel fun to you. Having a good day is all in your hands because it is all about your mindset. Choose to make the best of what ever you do, look for fun, pleasure and satisfaction in everything you do today and use any excuse you can find to feel good.


An active Tuesday

It is now afternoon at work and I am taking a short break. The day began at 05.30 am with a workout at home while my babies where sleeping:

Then we took our babies to the day care centre which went so smooth today. Both of my babies were happy when we said good bye to them. 😄❤

I have had a really nice day at work and I only had two lessons today so I got a lot of planning done as well.

Two hours from now I will go to pick up my babies from the day care centre. I really look forward to a nice and cozy afternoon with them.

  • How is your day going?

2000 followers and over 530 310 views! ❤

This is incredible. My blog grows like crazy – lots of new followers everyday! 2000 followers and over 530 310 views already! Thank you all for loving, liking and commenting my posts. ❤

Next time I post about more followers will be when my blog reaches 2500 followers. ❤


Love being who you are

Embrace who you are in all your unique splendor. Never try to dim or change your light in order to fit in. Love being who you are. We are not supposed to look the same, we are not supposed to have the same personalities, we are not supposed to like the same things.

We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways – life is supposed to be enjoyed in ways that call you. And only you can know what calls you. But you have to listen. Guidance is always with you, always within. But if you try to dim your own light in order to fit in, you also dim that voice within. But only temporarily, the moment when you begin to care about how you feel and what you like – you will feel your inner guidance stronger than ever again. ❤


Birthday party preparations 🎁🎉

My two babies are sleeping peacefully now.

We are making some preparations for my baby boy’s birthday party tomorrow.

He will be 2 years old on Monday. ❤❤❤ I love my baby boy and my baby girl more and more each second.


Lots of fun and taccos today 💖

We have had a fun day at home – my brother and his five children came to visit and we had lunch together. Taccos of course 😊

I chose my favourite red top today – it always feels good to wear it and it always makes me feel a little better.

Now we will relax an hour before we go to a friend’s house. Their child had his birthday celebration last weekend but since we couldn’t go because my boyfriend was in the hospital then, we decided to have a play date today instead.

And tomorrow we will have more birthday celebration since my baby boy turns two years old on Monday 💖.

I hope you have had a great start to your weekend as well. 🌹


A cozy evening and an upcoming birthday ❤

After I had put my babies to bed tonight I went grocery shopping with a friend. (My boyfriend stayed home, relaxing on the couch) Now I am back home and I have changed into my workout clothes. I am considering doing some yoga before I go to bed. It always makes me feel so relaxed.

I have had the best day ever. I feel so satisfied on so many levels. I love knowing that it is Friday tomorrow and that I will spend the entire weekend with my two little babies.

My baby boy’s birthday is on the 5th of February so we will have some friends over both on Saturday and on Sunday to celebrate. ❤❤❤

I hope you have had a nice day as well and that you will have an awesome weekend.


A cozy Wednesday morning ❤

I have worked out and I have just taken a shower. Today is my favourite day of the work-week, Wednesday. Therfore I will wear something extra comfortable and cozy today.

And now it is time to eat some breakfast, rice milk and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. ❤❤❤ And yes that is my children’s colorful, plastic plate! 🤣 I love using those when I eat as well. 😄


A fun day filled with successful moments 💖

The best part about this day was this morning when I was going to leave my kids at the day care center. Both of my babies where really happy and hugged me good bye while smiling and waving. Such an empowered feeling I got from seeing them so at peace with being there and saying good bye. I was so filled with love and joy as I drove to work.

I had a wonderful day at work, it felt really nice to see all my students and co-workers again.

After work I picked up my babies and we went home together. My boyfriend had been home resting the entire day and was really happy to see us.

We have had a cozy evening together with lots of fun, story telling, laughter and delicious food.

And after I put my babies to bed I spent a few minutes trying on clothes for tomorrow. 💖

Now I am just relaxing on the bed with one of my cats.

Enjoy your evening 💖


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