A magnificent day β€

I had a wonderful day at work. I absolutely love being a teacher! Best job ever. ❀

When I got home with my babies we enjoyed some strawberries together.

We had such a fun and playful evening I forgot to take any photoes. ❀ But now my babies are sleeping peacefully and I am relaxing in my bed. One of my cats decided to join me:

He is such a cozy cat! 🀣❀

I hope you have had a great day as well.


An awesome evening with a co-worker πŸ‘™πŸΊπŸŒΉ

It has been a really nice evening out with a co-worker. We began by having a delicious dinner at an italian restaurant.

After that we went back to the hotel and down to the swimming pool.

And now I am just relaxing in my hotelroom… and missing my babies a little.

But my babies have had a wonderful time at home:

But I still look forward to coming back home to them tomorrow after our seminars here at the hotel. 🌹

  • I hope you have had a great day.

Look for fun, pleasure and satisfaction in everything that you do

Make today a day where you choose to do things that feel good to you. Eat what you feel most drawn to and allow yourself to fully enjoy it. Listen to what brings you relief and do the things that feel fun to you. Having a good day is all in your hands because it is all about your mindset. Choose to make the best of what ever you do, look for fun, pleasure and satisfaction in everything you do today and use any excuse you can find to feel good.

Afraid of carbs? No, I love carbs!

This is what my breakfast looks like. Two sandwiches with peanutbutter and jelly. I always have a big glass of rice milk with that. The other 7 sandwishes I bring to work – as snacks and lunch. (If I don’t eat lunch at a restaurant with my boyfriend like I did today: )

White rice was the foundation, then lots of gravy and vegetarian alternatives. Lovely!

When I get home in the afternoon we have dinner together – my plate is filled up with white rice, gluten free pasta or potatoes as a basis. I add a lot of gravy and veggies.

After dinner at home I always have two more sandwishes a few hours later, and a big glass of rice milk. Sometimes I also choose something else as a late night snack – it depends on if I get hungry again or not.

I am pretty much a carb lover – it is what suits me best. I always listen to my body and what I feel would be most delicious to me in the moment. I follow my bliss.

  • What food do you enjoy most?

Our date night β€

We had an awesome time together. I did some shopping first:

Then we had lunch at my favourite diner.

After that we checked in to the hotel and left our things at our room. We actually relaxed a few hours in the hotel room before we went out. Such luxury – quiet and relaxing.

And then we spent the rest of the evening eating more delicious food and drinking a few beers. Perfect day and evening. ❀❀❀

It was really reliefgiving to hear from our baby sitter – our babies are having a good time ❀ Miss them a lot though.

A day filled with delicious treats β€

I had a beautiful day at work, my students are so much fun to work with! And, one of my co-worker treated us to a special lunch:

It was delicious! After work I picked up my babies and we went home together.

The feeling when we get home on a Friday is divine!

One of my favourite friends came to visit and we celebrated with some cake. My babies enjoyed some chocolate treats instead. “Chocolate coins”.

Later on we had pizza:

And now we will probably not eat anything else tonight! 🀣 At least not for an hour or two.

I hope you have had a great day and that you will have an amazing weekend. 🌹❀

And now we will spend the rest of the evening in cozy clothes at home. πŸ’–

A cozy Wednesday morning β€

I have worked out and I have just taken a shower. Today is my favourite day of the work-week, Wednesday. Therfore I will wear something extra comfortable and cozy today.

And now it is time to eat some breakfast, rice milk and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. ❀❀❀ And yes that is my children’s colorful, plastic plate! 🀣 I love using those when I eat as well. πŸ˜„

A cozy gray day

When I came home from work I put on something more cozy:

Then I picked up my babies and we enjoyed a cozy afternoon together.

When my boyfriend came home he surprised us with our favourite burgers and fries ❀

I hope you have also had a nice afternoon.

Baking a blueberry cake together πŸ’™

We are enjoying a cozy afternoon inside. We spent some time baking a blueberry cake.

My babies thought it was such a treat to help out with the baking. πŸ˜„

They liked it a lot!

But we had to clean them up quite a bit afterwards! 🀣

That was a lot of fun aswell πŸ’–

Cozy snack time πŸŒ»

I am enjoying my last days of holiday before I have to go back to work again. As always I am always hungry so I am having fun with trying new snacks. Today I chose sandwiches with avocado, lemon and black pepper. It was really nice and refreshing.

I am so happy there are only 5 weeks left until my next holiday week – I love being home with my two little babies. ❀❀

We are having fun and playing all the time, so the relaxing snack times are well needed for all of us, like now when I give them a few minutes with their ipads. 

And now we are playing again 😊. It is really cold outside but I think we will go out and play in the snow a little while at least.

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