Back to school again

I have been back at work 6 days now and today our new students began as well. Tomorrow all students will be back. This is the best part about being a teacher 😊.

It was pretty relaxed at work. I even had lunch all by myself.

And then I met an old student of mine who graduated last year.

It feels really good that school has finally begun and I look forward to a great year with my students.

This was the outfit I chose for today, one of my favourite cozy dresses – perfect for this autumn day.

But the best part was, as always, coming home to my two little babies again.

We had a lot of fun playing outside and the final minutes before bedtime we spent relaxing while watching Peppa Pig. 😍

I hope your day was really nice and relaxing as well.


Our last Wednesday at home ❤

On Friday I will go back to work again… but it is ok. It is only 10 weeks left until our next vacation week 😅. Until then we will make the best of our time together.

This was my delicious breakfast.

This is the outfit I wore this morning – it is 30 degrees again ☀️☀️☀️.

And this is our very delicious lunch that we are enjoying right now.

Enjoy your day!

Breakfast at the hotel ❤

I slept so good last night, and I woke up feeling so happy because today I will see my babies again 😍.

We just enjoyed a delicious, refreshing breakfast at the hotel. It was so good! Now we will relax for an hour and then go out shopping a little before we finally return home. ❤

A cozy evening ❤

After we were done with our shopping we went back to the hotel and down to the Spa.

After that, it was time to get ready for dinner. We waited until my hair was dry though 😂, it this picture it was still soaking wet.

We had a delicious dinner and then some beers.

I am completely sarisfied with our day and evening. Everything I could have wished for, happened.

I am really looking forward to seeing my babies tomorrow, a part of me wishes I was home with them right now 😅. ❤❤

I hope your day has been wonderful as well.

Going to Gothenburg ❤

Today, for the second time this year, we got a baby sitter so I and my boyfriend are going to Gothenburg.

We started out with a delicious lunch when we arrived.

Then a few hours of shopping.

And then we checked in at the hotel.

We will rest for a while in our room then we will go out again. Perhaps a little more shopping, then a delicious dinner and some beers. Sounds like a perfect day and night. ❤❤❤ Although, I kind of miss my two little babies… but I know I will see them again tomorrow.

A really delicious evening

It was extremely hot today too, around 32 degrees celcius. I and my babies spent most of the day outside but also a couple of hours down in our cool basement where it is only 16 degrees.

Later during the afternoon a couple of friends invited us over for dinner. We went there later after my boyfriend had come home.

It was really nice to see them again and the food was divine!!! So delicious! Best evening ever. And to top it all off, it started to rain when we got home, and we could hear thunder too. Awesome! Now it is 9pm and I am the only one who is still awake 😅, I love these moments at night.

I hope your day has been nice too.

A wonderful evening with a friend 💖

Tonight has been wonderful. I spent the evening in Jönköping with a friend. We went to a café where we relaxed for a couple of hours.

Then we moved on to my favourite diner.

It was a really nice evening, we had a lot of exciting things to talk about. It is always so nice to spend time with her. 💖

An awesome day ❤

I have had an awesome day at work, I totally love being a teacher! It feels so good to help my students realize their own potential. ❤

Today at work I and some co-workers went out for lunch together.

When I got home I decided to meet up with an old student of mine who has become a really good friend. We went to have pizza together. I really like him, he is such a wonderful person! And of course, I am always hungry so it was absolutely delicious with some pizza.

Today’s weather has been really cold and rainy, much like a typical day in October. I actually wore my winter boots and my autumn jacket when I went out to meet my friend – and it still felt cold when we were outside on our way to the pizza place!

When I got home I switched into my favourite comforable sweat pants and my favourite top.

I hope you have had a great day as well.

An awesome evening out with a friend ⭐

Tonight has been amazing. I went to Jönköping to meet a wonderful friend. It was really nice weather so I chose one of my favourite dresses.

We went to my favourite diner and the burger and fries were just as magnificently delicious as always 😍.

Then we went to the cinema and saw “I feel pretty” – not that good but had an awesome message and the whole experience with going to the cinema is so magical anyway.

After the movie we had so much fun just talking that we decided to stay in Jönköping a bit longer.

It was an awesome night. ❤

A really nice day with my co-workers and my bosses

Today my co-workers and my two bosses went to a really nice inn where we talked about the new plans for next term. We discussed a lot of important topics and then we had a delicious lunch together.

The inn was located by a lake and it was really cozy there. And the food was delicious

I went there together with a co-worker in her cab. It was really nice.

I hope you have had a great day as well.

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