Your voice caresses my skin and leaves me yearning for more ❤

My entire body aches for your touch… I long to look into your beautiful eyes and see your eager desire for more… Your voice caresses my skin and leaves me yearning for more… I want to feel your hands all over my body… I want to taste your delicious lips again, and again and again… my desire for you gets stronger and more passionate with each passing moment… in my mind and my heart, there is only you.


Just one look at you and I knew ❤

I will forever feel blessed that I met you. I had no idea that I could feel such a strong connection with someone. There is something very special about your entire being. Everything about you calls me… everything about you interests me… everything about you attracts me to you.

You eyes, your smile, your hair, your hands, your arms, your scent, your voice, your touch, your personality, your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences… I am in love with everything that you were, everything that you are and everything you will ever be.

The love I have in my heart is for you ❤

The love I feel for you goes beyond anything I have ever felt before in my entire life… Just a text from you satisfies me more than the most beautiful gift I could ever recieve… To see you smile at me gives me more pleasure than anything anyone else could ever do to me. ❤ There is only love in my heart, and that love is for you. ❤

So passionately attracted to you

I feel so drawn to you… there is something about you that makes me so passionately attracted to you that I just can’t stay away…

Never in my life have I met someone like you, the feelings I have for you get stronger, more desirefilled and more deliciously intense with each passing day.

You are the only one I long for, the only one that can satisfy me. ❤

Your hungry eyes exploring my body

Nothing turns me on more than to see your hungry eyes explore my body… to feel your warm hands eagerly caress every inch of my skin… to taste your delicious lips…

To feel this much desire for someone is the most pleasure filled attraction I have ever experienced. You are always in my most lustfilled thoughts. Every moment I am away from you my body aches for your touch.

Nothing can satisfy me as deeply as your touch. Nothing brings me more pleasure than to see your desirefilled gaze upon my body…

More intense than anything I have ever felt before 

I could be standing in the most beautiful place on earth – and all I would see is you.

Nothing in the world can satisfy me as much as a mere thought of you can… I will never understand the magic attraction you have on me… the pleasurefilled sensation within me as I read a text message from you… how the entire world falls silent when you speak…

If this is love then I have never felt love before in my life. This is stronger, more intense than anything I have ever felt. And I love the feeling.

My body aches for your touch

It is totally insane that one person can occupy so much of my thoughts… I breathe in your scent everywhere I go… I see your beautiful eyes every time I close my eyes… I hear your voice in my mind speaking about all the delicious things you want to do to me… I feel you caress my body and I ache with such a longing for you….

Your touch lingers on my skin

Even though I just talked to you, I already miss hearing your voice. We just met but I am longing to look into your beautiful eyes again. Your touch still lingers on my skin and my entire body is craving for more. 

The world might fall down around me – but you are my only physical necessity ❤

When I look at you

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