Be kind to your body – love and honor it with everything you do 🙏

In the beginning it might seem impossible – but with one small step every day, you will eventually get there.

Relax, it takes time to change how you feel about your body. Some days are easier and some days are harder, just give yourself time. If you have spent your entire life hating your body, those negative thoughts are the easiest to think simply because you have practiced them longer. But it is nothing but thoughts, and thoughts can be changed. Gently lean more positive when you think about your body. Look for things you like and enjoy with your body and make those things your dominant focus when you think and speak about your body.

It is time for you to be kind to your body, to love it and honor it. Not later, not when you have lost the pounds, not when your body is in perfect condition but now. Be kind to your body, love and honor your body and begin right now. Love it when you eat, love it when you exercise, love it when you relax, love it when you take a shower, love it when you are in a dressing room, love it when you look at it in the mirror. Not later, not when others approve of how you look – love it now.


Lovingly say “fuck this shit” and live happily ever after

It is so beneficial for you to learn to prioritize. When people are mean to you, choose to walk away. When people say hurtful things about you, let them ruin their own energy – choose to focus on people who support you and appreciate you instead.

There is no value in pushing against, trying to defend yourself or trying to prove to them that you are innocent – they don´t really care about you. They care about their own misalignment, that is why they are so drawn to putting others down and hurting others – it makes them feel better for a moment. They depend on others in order to feel better which is insanely debilitating. Why would you ever let their own insecurities and misaligned energy be a reason for you to feel bad as well? Don´t give them that satisfaction, take your power back by realizing you are the only one in charge of your focus, your perspective and therefore you are the only one in charge of how you feel.

All things that bother you are insignificant relative to what really matters in life! Just say ” fuck this shit”, and live happily ever after.

Just say no – trust your instinct

Don’t trust everything they say, trust your instinct. If it feels off, it is off. Back away, say no. Respect yourself by listening to what feels right to you. They might try to convince you, they might even get angry when you say no – but you have to be true to yourself and how you feel. Never ever put your inner guidance aside in order to please another person – just say no.

Be who YOU want to be

Dare to be YOU, in all your uniqueness. Let your colors shine bright, follow your calling in life and live out your passionate desires.

Life is way too meaningful to just live in order to please others, so stop! You don’t have to fit in or choose the same things as society at large does – you have to listen to what calls YOU and follow YOUR bliss. Don’t be afraid of their opinions, you don’t need their approval or disapproval in order to know how to live your life! Live life in ways that please you and that make you happy. That is how you live a meaningful, happy and fulfilling life.

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