We don’t need more sleep, we need to wake up and live!


Never give up 💖

If you really want to be happy

You are stronger than you think 💖

Feeling really good ❤

Today has been an awesome day – for no specific reason. I just love my two little babies so much, they are my one and only love, my one and only meaning of life.

You are loved, adored and eternally blessed 💖

Your choice, your life

The sun shines brighter after a dark storm – never give up 💖

The most beautiful curve on your body is your smile

Today was not a good day. I tried to make myself feel better in all ways I could think of but nothing worked. I changed clothes all the time but nothing made me feel better 😂. I ended up wearing this beautiful, sexy, green dress tonight. One of my favourite dresses.

Anyway, I wish for a better tomorrow. I hope you had a good day. ❤

Be true to who you are and what you desire

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