A sunny afternoon with a cozy ending ❤

After we had been outside for a couple of hours my baby boy was so tired he fell asleep holding my hair, as he always does. 😍😍


The happiness of children

It is so magical to see the happiness and zest for life that my babies have. They are so happy and playful all the time.

We ate a delicious pizza tonight and after that my babies wanted to call a friend via messenger’s video call. 😍


Another day out in the sun ☉

We began our day with a few hours outside in the park. After that we went to a birthday party for a friend of my baby girl. It was really nice and my babies had a lot of fun.

When we left the party we felt ready for lunch so we went to have some pizza.

It was very delicious. The sky was still clear blue and the sun was shining so brightly that we decided to go to the big park for a few hours before we went back home.

When we got home we spent some more hours playing outside while my boyfriend washed our car and talked to the neighbours.

All in all it has been a sunny day with lots of fresh air. I feel so much better already, the fever is gone and it is just the cold left. ❤

  • What did you do today? 🌹

Another warm summer’s day ☉

After work we spent several hours outside in the sun.

It is extremely warm outside, just like in July ☉. I tried to keep away from direct sunlight as much as possible.

When my boyfriend came home he had bought some fries for us again. 😊

And now we will continue to play outside for a couple of hours until it is time for my babies to go to bed.

  • What was the best part of your day?

A cozy day at home with my babies ❤

I went to work and had my first lesson, then I had to go back home because my boyfriend had to go to school and I needed to stay home with my baby boy.

He feels a lot better now and he has begun to eat again. During the afternoon he was just as playful and active as always so tomorrow he will go back to the day care center.

Today was a really nice spring day, a little cloudy but perfect for a day at home with my babies. I wore one of my favourite tops today, and I had my spring jacket on while we played in the park.

I hope you have had a great day as well.

💚 My green dress and lots of cozy moments 💚

I love the color green. I love all colors but there is something special about the color green. For many years I have looked for a green dress with the exact hue I love – a few weeks ago I found one. 💚 I tried it on again today since spring has finally begun here in Sweden.

I absolutely love it! 💚💚💚

We had lots of cozy and fun moments today and we spent a lot of time outside.

Before it was time to go to bed we relaxed together – such a cozy moment. They will always be my little babies. ❤

I hope you had a nice day and evening as well.

A sunny Friday 🌞

I left work a bit earlier today, just to get a few minutes alone at home before I went to pick up my babies at the day care center. I had the cozy company of my cats. 😊

When we got home we decided to play outside for a while since the weather was really sunny and warm.

When my boyfriend comes home later tonight he will have bought some fries for us, from my favourite diner. Such a lovely treat.

  • I hope you have had a great day as well.

My babies want to work out just like me 😍😍😍

The best part of this day

Today has been amazing. A couple of days ago there was snow everywhere and freezing cold – then bam – today we had over 20 degrees celcius, warm winds, clear blue sky and lovely sunshine. Such a cool and sudden shift – litterally over night.

We spent almost the entire day playing outside, so both my babies were reallt tired after their evening bath.

It was super easy to put them to bed, just like always. Now I am enjoying the absolute best part of my day, my solitude.

Tomorrow I will go back to work again after 10 days of Easter Holiday. It will be alright, but I already look forward to the next holiday so I can spend lots more time with my babies.

  • What was the best part of your day?

❤ To play and have fun ❤

“Follow the lead of your children. They know what they’re doing. They’ve come forth to play and to have fun, and that’s what’s meant for you too.”

Abraham Hicks

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