Feeling like a fit mother of two little babies πŸ’–

I am loving this summer vacation! I wish it would never end – that I could stay home with my babies until they are all grown up. πŸ’– I love them more and more each second.

I have not been to a gym for over 5-6 years now, however, I work out a little at home. I follow some workouts from the former fitness model Belinda Benn – an awesome woman with an empowering story – and I do these exercises at home on the carpet while my two little babies eat their breakfast. I do these workouts 4 times each week and they are rather quick, around 20 minutes so it is easy to incorporate in our morning routines.


Louise Hay

Today the magnificent author Louise Hay passed away. I will forever feel blessed for having read her books. It was her wisdom and her books that helped me turn my entire life around. 

Louise Hay taught me that it doesnt matter what you have been through – you CAN improve your thinking and when you do, your entire life will improve as well. ❀ 

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