You have survived every day of your life, so far – you are stronger than you can imagine πŸ¦‹

One breath at a time. One heartbeat at a time. Be kind to yourself every step of the way. You have survived every day of your life, so far – you are stronger than you can imagine. Relax, breathe, let go and trust. All is well. 🌱


Your greatest weekness can turn into your greatest strength πŸŒ±

You are not limited by your past experiences or held back by your mistakes – use it all as your inspiration to grow and blossom into everything you desire to be.

Everything that happens to you can be of value, your greatest weekness can turn into your greatest strength.

No one gives you a more valuable gift than the one who hurt you πŸ’

Never stop being a good person because of bad people“.

Jay Shetty

No matter what happened or how badly he treated you – choose to let your kindness shine bright within. No one gives you a more valuable gift than the one who hurt you – he inspired you to grow as a person, to find your strength and to find your way back to unconditional happiness, anyway.

You would not be the strong, kind and loving person you are today without all those challenges in your life. They are your blessings, your solid foundation on which you can build your strength. πŸ’ͺ.

It is not the awful things that happened to you that makes you feel bad – you CAN feel better again, no matter what

Your past does not define who you are, let your past inspire you to NOW become who you want to be.

No matter how dark your past, what things you did or what you went through – you can feel better again.

It is not what you did or what happened to you that limits you today or that makes you feel bad – it is only your perspective, your attitude and your thoughts that make you feel bad. And, you can choose to change your thinking and feel better again. You are never limited by your past experiences, how you feel is always a choice you make in every new moment and how you feel has to be unconditional.

The emptiness does not diminish by another “like” or another touch

The emptiness cannot be filled with new clothes, beautiful make up or other material things.

The void does not diminish by another “like” or another touch.

You can not fill the void with a partner, a lover, a friend, your children or any other person – you have to fill the void yourself. It is an inside job.

The foundation needs to be rebuilt from within, strenthened will solid building blocks of love and acceptance. πŸ™

You don’t need to rescue me, light up my darkness or even love me – I am whole on my own πŸ™

I don’t need anyone to rescue me, I learned to save myself regardless the circumstances.

I don’t need anyone to light up my darkess, I learned to shine my light from within and that light is always with me, no matter how dark it gets.

I don’t even need someone to love me anymore, I learned how to be one who loves. True love is an inside job, and it has to be unconditional.

I don’t need anyone to complete me, I learned that I am whole on my own. If I choose to be with you, I do so because I want to be with you. You are someone I enjoy being with, someone I like a lot and someone who enhances my joy, my passion and my desire that I already feel, on my own.

The walls around her heart, mind and body keep her safe

The walls around her – around her heart, mind and body – are walls that keep her safe. Don’t try to tear them down, she will just build stronger walls.

You enter with kindness, you enter by caring and you enter with unconditional love. πŸ™

🌼🌼🌼 Yes, you can feel good even when you have seen the dark sides of life πŸŒΌπŸŒΌπŸŒΌ

Not every sky will be blue and not every day is springtime. So on the spiritual path a person learns to find this kind of happiness without needing nice things to happen on the outside. Rather, you find happiness by being who you really are. This isn’t mystical. Young children are happy being who they are. The trick is to regain such a state when you are grown and have seen the light and dark sides of life.”

Deepak Chopra

How you feel is in your hands, no matter what you have been through. It doesn’t take much skill to just look around and feel in response to what you see. That is just sloppy creating because you give all your power away. If you see something unwanted, you feel bad and complain. If you see something wanted, you feel good and appreciate. That is very disempowering because then you are dependant on what happens around you.

True freedom, strenght and empowerment comes when you choose to feel good, regardless. And you practice feeling better even though you have been through unwanted things. How you feel truly is a choice, a choice YOU make in each moment. How do you want to feel?

Their hatred or love has nothing to do with you πŸŒΉ

People will love you. People will hate you. And none of it will have a anything to do with you.”

Abraham Hicks

How people feel about you is 100% because of their own perspective, and it has nothing to do with you.

How you feel about other people is always an inside job. You can choose to look at what you don’t like about them, or you can choose to look at what you do like about them. Yes, some people are easier to like than others because they behave in ways that please YOU – but still, YOU are the one who chooses YOUR perspective of them and therfore YOU are the one who chooses how YOU FEEL about them.

So, how you feel about them is up to you. How they feel about you is up to them. There will always be those who hate you no matter how well you behave, and there will always be those who love you no matter what you do. 🌹🌹🌹Because how they feel about you is all about them, their feelings, their thoughts, their beliefs.

🌼🌼🌼Yes, I like my body πŸ™πŸŒΌπŸŒΌπŸŒΌ

Yes, I like my body. I am proud that my body has carried and given birth to my two little babies. I am proud that it kept being there for me even though I hated it for several decades. I am proud that it could go through so much pain and so much suffering and still be resilient, healthy, fit, toned and strong. πŸ™

Yes, I like my body and I will keep enjoying being in my body for as long as I shall live. No matter what happens, my light cannot be dimmed anymore. This is who I am, and I like it. πŸ™

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