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In dark times – those who truly care about you will shine bright ❤

I have gone through the most difficult times I have gone through in years, and it was such an eye opener. Last week I felt utterly helpless and alone and I reached out to others for support, but no one was there for me when I was at my darkest of times except my boyfriend and my two little babies. The more difficult the situation became, the more alone I felt yet the more secure and unconditionally loved I felt by my boyfriend and my two little babies.

Even though the choice was extremely difficult to make the first 5 days, it was extremely easy to make the decision on day 6. I realized that no one else other than my babies and my boyfriend truly matters in my life. They all say it is my choice, and that they feel sorry for me – but those where just hollow, meaningless words. None of them where there for me. I had to face all my fears and tears alone, I had to go through with it alone. My babies supported me just by loving me unconditionally like they always do, and my boyfriend made it very clear the last days that no matter what I choose, he will stay with me and our babies. We are a family and he is not going anywhere. Yet I knew he only saw one solution, and the first 5 days I only saw the opposite solution. However, I aligned with my heart and it gave me such sweet relief. As I woke up on day six the choice was clear and I felt an inner peace again. I made the call, alone. I went there, alone. I went through it, alone. Then I called my boyfriend to let him know.

Was it easy? Yes, once I had aligned with my choice. Everything unfolded just perfectly and I know this is the best choice for me at this time. Will I ever regret this? Of course, but it will always bring me inner peace to know that at this point in time I did what was best for me. And once you align with a choice, it will work out beautifully well for you.

When you make peace with it, you allow what you desire

“All of you, without exception, have the ability not only to attract the answers to your questions, but you have the ability to attract whatever you are wanting whenever you are wanting.

But most of you, while you are attracting with one vibration, you are disallowing with the other vibration; because you are wanting, but you are hurting, you are wanting, but you are fearing, you are wanting, but you are focused upon lack of what you want sort of all at the same time.”

Abraham Hicks

Trust your heart, you are doing the right thing ❤

When people treat you poorly 💖

💙 I blossom and thrive alone 💙

What do you love? What turns you on? How do you find inner peace?

After a day full of talking and listening

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