Listen with love – the answers are all here

Everything you will ever need is within you. Lovingly listen to your inner guidance. ❤


When did you stop listening to your inner guidance?! Now is the time to start listening again!

What do you like? What makes you happy? What do you enjoy most in life? What rings your bells?

Stop listening to the peanut gallery around you – and yes they are ALL part of the peanut gallery. There is not one other person who thinks the same thoughts you do, who have your unique set of beliefs and desires – therfore there is no one and nothing outside of yourself who can accurately guide you on your path. It is ultimately an inside job. You are 100 % in charge. Others might inspire you, but YOU are the one who CHOOSES what to be inspired by. Listen to what resonates with you and follow that. You were born with an inner guidance, it is time you start listening to it. ❤


You don’t need likes, views or shares to know what is beautiful, right and good! ❤

Listen to that inner voice of excitement, joy, passion and love! That is what following your bliss means. Follow what calls you.

Don’t let doubt block you from living the life of your dreams! Stop listening to the peanut gallery! Stop looking for likes, views and others opinions for approval and validation.

If you think it looks beautiful, it does. If you think it looks like fun, it is. If you think it is a good idea, it is. Trust your own opinions and begin to value how you feel and what you feel drawn to. You have an inner guidance for a reason. ❤


Work on loving yourself no matter what they think of you ❤

There will always be those who dislike you and disapprove of what you do. There will always be those who like you and approve of what you do. How others feel about you is always about the perspective, beliefs and opinions THEY hold. It is not really about you. 

Don’t let your mood, your worth, your confidence or how you feel about yourself and your life be dependant on something as fickle as other people’s opinions of you! That leaves yoy conpletely without power! Take your power back by starting to value yourself, unconditionally. Start liking  yourself and honoring what feels better to you. Listen to your inner guidance and follow your own bliss. Allow others to like you and dislike you, approve of you and dissaprove of you – while you work on loving yourself no matter what they think of you. ❤


The cure and the answer you seek


Healing comes from within


When you feel lost – know that you are always guided 


When your choices are very different from your friends’ choices in life

It is ok to choose to live life in ways that call you. It is ok to choose paths that are very different from what those around you are choosing.

This is your life, you are the main character in your life –  make choices that feel good to you and allow others to choose what feels better to them aswell. 

It is not a matter of right vs wrong. When we choose paths that feel good, we are always right. 

We are all as different and unique as can be! We all have different beliefs, expectations and desires – and that is why we are called to so many different paths

Never compare your choices to those of your friend, acknowledge that we are all unique and we all have an inner calling towards what makes our heart sing. Listen and follow YOUR bliss. 


Trust your internal GPS


Your nightmares give you valuable information

Your dreams are all valuable, including your nightmares. All your dreams give you valuable information about what you are currently attracting in your life. 

If you wake up from a terrible nightmare and you feel really bad, that lets you know that the predominat thoughts you have been thinking are mostly negative. And why is that a good thing to be aware of? Well, if you continue to think in those negative ways you continue to block yourself from receiving all those things you want. It will take its toll on your body, on your health, on your relationship… on all things in your life. 

Your emotions during your day let you know whether you are allowing (you feel good) or blocking (you feel bad). If you don’t do anything to improve your thinking your blockage will get bigger and so will your guidance. You will start having nightmares and unwanted experiences will start showing up in your life. 

Nightmares, negative emotions and unwanted experiences are all letting you know what your predominant focus is and the most beneficial step to take – as soon as you feel even a slight hint of negative emotion – is to reach for a better feeling thought. Change your thinking and you will change how you feel – and everything in your life will reflect your better feeling vibration.


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