Hope can be the shining light that will cleanse your heart, mind and body

If you can find hope in your heart, you have found the most important key to your recovery.

No matter what you have been through, or how long you have hidden yourself under a thick blanket of anxiety and fear – hope can be the shining light that will cleanse your heart, mind and body.

Unwanted experiences or clarifying contrast?

In fact, do you even have to think about what happened as “unwanted experiences”? Why not start thinking about it as clarifying contrast? Huge difference in perspective. Take your power back by realizing that you can use the clarifying contrast as inspiration to blossom into everything you desire to be. It is all of value.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds – you do

Time may help fade some memories and aid in your healing process by giving you some distance from the painful experiences. However, time doesn’t heal all wounds – you do.

There is always a glimmer of hope inside your heart

At times you may feel lost in dark despair, and you may tremble by the mere thought of what happened. However, it is never hopeless and it is never too late because no matter how dark it might temporarily seem – there is always a glimmer of hope inside your heart. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and trust that this too shall pass.

Writing breathes life back into my body

Every word a mindfull moment of pure focus. A reliefgiving moment when all those dark flashbacks dissolve. Writing is my guiding light out of the dark.

Break free from your own victim mentality

Acknowledge how far you have come and realize that you – and only you – can choose the perspective from which you view yourself and life.

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