How delicious do you want your life to be? ðŸ˜

Just imagine everything in your life working out in the most delicious, satisfying ways you can think of – and enjoy the exciting ways your life will unfold.


Give all your attention to the excitement of your dream ðŸŒŸ

What you want is yours to have. Let your doubt and sadness fade away by giving all your attention to the excitment of your dream.

You need not see evidence of it before you get it, you just need to relax, trust and enjoy the unfolding. Keep enjoying your fantasy, see yourself having it, being it and doing it. Believe that it is, and it is. ❤

❤ Let go of your self-imposed limitations â¤

Be like a playful, happy child! Imagine more, day dream, enjoy the little things more, allow yourself to have fun and dream big! Let go of your self-imposed limitations and remind yourself that anything is possible!!! Not even the sky is the limit, your own mind is.

Open up your mind, be more kind to yourself, decide to start liking yourself again! Show yourself love, kindness, appreciation and support.

Know that you are safe, you are beautifully guided and you are loved and adored simply because you exist.

❤ Those pleasureable outcomes you desire â¤

Dive into your fantasy every day – use your imagination and enjoy those pleasureable outcomes you desire. Know that all things are possible – just find the feeling place of what you desire, enjoy that feeling again and again and allow your dream to come true.

Soothing, satisfying scenarios that play out exactly as you desire them to ðŸ’–

Sooth yourself into feeling relief. No matter where you are or what you do – give yourself a moment here and there to sooth yourself in your mind. Imagine pleasurable, soothing scenarios that play out exactly as you desire them to. Feel the satisfaction and enjoy the moment.

There is no more benefical way to spend a moment than to spend it feeling good – remember to have fun, life is for you and life is supposed to be enjoyed.

Let go of the weight of other people’s opinions and expectations ðŸ’–

Take a step back from everything. Close your eyes and imagine a peaceful, soothing scenario. Enjoy the stillness and the relief of the moment.

Take a few deep breaths and relax… you are doing great. Let go of the weight of other people’s opinions and expectations. Let it all go and feel your heart, mind and body become even more at peace.

Embrace yourself with love – unconditional love. You are doing an awesome job, keep caring about how you feel and follow your bliss.

Inspiring words – see, hear, feel and be the best version of you â¤

Take a few moments daily to imagine how you desire to feel and be. See yourself happy, in love with life and doing the things you desire most to do. See everything working out brilliantly well for you. 💖

A break from life â¤

Sometimes all you need is a break from life, a break from all people, a break from all the noice and chatter around you. Find refuge in your mind, in your imagination. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax. Continue to focus on your breathing while you imagine pleasurable scenarios that bring you relief.

Experience all those things you passionately desire â¤

Spend some time everyday to day dream and imagine beautiful scenarios that play out exactly as you desire them to.

See yourself smiling with joy and enjoying life in all ways your heart desires. Say the things you dream to say, hear the things you wish you hear, touch the things you crave to touch, feel the things you long to feel and experience all those things you passionately desire.

Enjoying your fantasy a few times everyday is very benefical for you. You will feel emotional relief while you do it, you will stop your negative momentum and you will begin to shift your focus in more positive ways. This will improve not only how you feel but it will improve your point of attraction as well.

Imagine – taste what you crave and touch what satisfies your mood â¤

Use your imagination and find relief in a beautiful scenery somewhere far away. Feel the warm winds caress your skin… hear the ocean waves gently sooth you… feel the warm sand under your feet…

Wherever you choose to go in your imagination, stay there for a few minutes and allow yourself to fully enjoy the moment. See what you like, hear what you enjoy, smell what you love, taste what you crave and touch what satisfies your mood… ❤

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