Lending money – saying no because you care β€

Here is a brief update on the lending money topic I wrote about a few weeks ago. I have been asked to help out a very close friend financially every month for many years now, and I still do it. However, more people come to me for financial help – one of them is a person I hardly know. Today I got a message again from her, asking me for money. It just does not feel right anymore – so I finally said no. She has parents, her boyfriend has parents and they have lots of close friends. I and my boyfriend are on our own. Neither one of us has any parents and no one else around. Still I have helped this woman financially many times and at the same time given money to another friend almost monthly and my very close friend as well.

I have to listen to my own inner guidance and what feels best to me. This person who I hardly know will no longer get money from me. I have not given her any money since last time I wrote about this. However I will continue to help out my very close friend and occationally my other friend, as long as it feels ok. Most importantly, I will encourage their own financial independence. ❀


How to be of most value to everyone (yourself included)

Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like someone you really like. Listen to what calls you and follow the paths that feel good to you.

If you want to be of value to others, you have to take care of yourself first. Love yourself unconditionally and see the magic of that affect EVERYTHING that happens to you and everyone you interact with.

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