Feeling good in the midst of pain and contrast? 🖤

It is easy to feel good when everything around you is as you desire it to be. But what if you are in a very challenging situation or you are going through a very rough time, or you might even be in physical pain… how can you feel good then? Well, it is enough to just reach for a little relief. Try to sooth yourself as best as you can. It is all you can do and it is enough.

To have pain and feel fear or to have pain and feel hopeful are very different vibrations and the result will be very different as well. You still have pain right now, but you can feel a little better emotionally – regardless. That is the key.

So start by being kind to yourself and your body. Know that this too shall pass and love yourself through it. Sooth yourself, just as much as you would have soothed someone you truly love. It is ok, it is alright, I am here for you, it will pass. 🖤



Let go of your struggling thoughts, make peace with it

Find a way to better about it and it will be easier to do it. ❤

When they judge and condemn you – love yourself unconditionally ❤

Don’t give up – this too shall pass and you can become stronger because of it

No matter how bad things are, it can improve if you stop pointing out how bad things are ❤

Love yourself completely ❤

Love all that you are and appreciate everything you have been through 💖

You are stronger than you think 💖

Your past made you who you are today but your NOW is even more valuable 💖

Your past is of value because it made you who you are today. But your NOW is even more valuable because you can choose to NOW let go of all hurt, all pain and all feelings of being a victim, you can let go of all guilt, all blame, all resentment and all insecurity and begin to replace those emotions and thoughts with hope, optimism, self-love, kindness, respect and appreciation.

NOW is the only time when you can change. No one else can do it for you, only you. Choose to let the success stories of others inspire you, and begin right now. One small though at a time, be gente, kind and loving toward yourself in the process.

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